April 30, 2014


Outfit details:
Last Chance dress and belt
Vintage bracelets
Madewell sandals

Every evening I watch the tree in our front yard sway its branches back and forth, back and forth. It might sound silly, but it feels so calming to peek out the window and watch the leaves blow around in the cool, spring winds. Usually by now it's hot hot in Phoenix, so I plan on enjoying every inch of this beautiful weather while I still can. When Scott and I stepped out to take these photos the other evening there was definitely a chill in air, but I couldn't wait any long to wear this pretty denim and lace dress (its been hiding in my closet since winter!). This spring and summer I've promised myself that I'll try out styles that are usually out of my comfort zone- like this lace paneled dress that I would have passed on before. Let's just say that I'm feeling adventerous and brave in my almost 26th year! Speaking of, my birthday is in two days I'm really excited to celebrate with some sweet friends the evening before, and then head up to Northern Arizona after work on my actual birthday. It's going to be a sweet one! 

What's your favorite thing to do on your birthday?
-Chelsea xo


  1. Our home is surrounded by trees and I love nothing more than drinking wine or a cup of tea and enjoying the surroundings. SO beautiful! And you look amazing, girl! I'm in love with that dress + it couldn't be more perfect with those flats!! <3

    1. Veronika, I wish I could sit with you on your porch and enjoy the breeze! One day! :) And thank you so, so much, sweet lady! I've been loving these flats lately! xo

  2. This dress looks so sweet on you and still seems like it says Chelsea! Sounds like you're going to have a great birthday! Birthdays are always best celebrated with the ones you love:)

    1. AWH! Thank you so much, Adrianna! Miss you tons! xo

  3. This dress is really cute! Love the train track photos.

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