April 9, 2014


When the beginning days of spring rolled around I did a massive overhaul on my closet - purging winter items and stowing them away until next autumn/winter, and rounding up my spring and summer pieces that I had hidden away last year. While digging through my closet I realized that I have a serious lack of pink in my wardrobe. Now, this may not surprise you if you've been reading my blog for years, or even if you only started reading recently, but for someone who has a passion style and loves matching my outfits to the seasons (a not so guilty pleasure), this seemed a bit shocking. Anyways, I did pick up this pink blouse on a whim about a month or so ago when I had a urge to bring a little more color into my late winter wardrobe. The flowy sleeves are what reeled me in, but other than jeans, I'm not sure how to style it up. Any thoughts? 

Scott and I have the whole day off together, so we've been brunchin', sipping on coffee together, and driving around Phoenix on the hunt for the perfect fiberglass chair for my blogging nook. If you live in Phoenix and have seen one recently, let a lady know! :)

Outfit details: 
Blouse: Nordstroms Rack 
Jeans: Gap 
Bag: Madewell 
Booties: Sam Edelman


  1. Great look! I tend to shy away from pink- I'm more of a neutrals gal, but really, this color looks awesome on you. I'll bet it would look really cute with a black cotton blend pencil skirt too!

    1. Hi, Lauren! Thank you so much for your very sweet words! I LOVE the idea of pairing the top with a black pencil skirt! Thank you for the suggestion. :)

  2. Such a pretty color on you! Love the sleeves! It would look so pretty tucked into a solid or printed skirt. xo

  3. We have some herman miller orange chairs, and white Panton chairs at Antique Plaza, if you want to come check them out :) love the bright pink on you, so used to seeing you in neutrals!

  4. Hi, Kat! I actually came in and peeked at those chairs the other day! They are sooo pretty and I'm definitely keeping them in mind! :)

  5. I never quite know how to style billowy shirts either. Maybe you could pair it with a pencil skirt or miniskirt?

  6. Maybe with a cute high waist skirt? would that look silly? I love the top!