April 28, 2014


Outfit details:
Jcpenney felt hat
Tshirt: American Eagle
Roxy jeans: c/o Roxy
Vintage Crown sandals: via DSW

It's officially my birthday week! Come Friday, May 2, I'll be 26 years old! WOW! It feels so crazy to say that out loud. It feels like just yesterday I turned 16, and now that was 10 years ago. Nonetheless, in a few short days my 26th year will begin and I've been feeling awfully sentimental over the momentous year that was 25. Graduating with my Master's degree, starting my career, planning a wedding, getting married to the love of my life, honeymooning in San Francisco, adopting a sweet kitty, and so much more! While I don't foresee 26 holding quite as many changes, it's sure to be another amazing year of life. Since it's birthday week, I plan on indulging in lots of iced coffees, a mini date or two around the city, and dinner with friends at my favorite local restaurant -I'm still trying to choose, Nadia ;)

Ok, I'm out! Here's to a very happy Monday and day 1 of birthday week!
-Chelsea xo

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