May 12, 2014


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Levi's jean jacket

Happy Monday! It feels like the weekend literally zoomed by! On Friday, Scott and I kept things pretty low key with a short visit to the mall and a froyo date. Saturday was spent celebrating a good friend who is getting married on Saturday - we ate a yummy dinner at a favorite local restaurant and then danced the night away at a casino (definitely a first for me, but it was SO much fun!). And Sunday I spent the majority of the day working, cleaning, and watching way too many episodes of The Real Housewives (guilty pleasure!).

Scott and I also took a walk around a local grove later in the evening on Sunday, and seeing the giant pistachio trees blossom and bloom reminded of how transitional of a time spring really can be. Last year I was graduating with my Master's and had just got engaged, and this year I'm looking to the future and planning out where I want to take my career next. Since becoming full-time at a local agency last July, I've really had the opportunity to hone in on what I love working on, what I don't enjoy, and where my strengths truly lie. Now I'm at a point where I'm looking for new opportunities, and seeing where things take me. Not gonna lie, it's nerve wracking and a bit scary, but I know it's absolutely for the best. Here's to working hard toward your goals and being kind to yourself during the process!

Would you agree that spring is a very transitional time? 
What does this spring hold for you?
-Chelsea xo

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