May 14, 2014


(Doing my best Katniss impression!)

Outfit details:
Urban Outfitters vest
Levi's dress
Kate Spade bracelet
Madewell flats

The giant arrow has been on my list of places to feature for some time now. This kitschy piece reminds me of the famous Twin Arrows Trading Post off a Route 66, except this one still stands tall and is in mighty fine condition. I'm hoping this summer Scott and I can take a few road trips around the state, and the twin arrows are definitely on my list, along with Bird Cage Theatre, the airplane boneyard, and Biosphere 2! This giant arrow, though, is positioned next to a community archery, and I think it brought out my best Katniss impression to date - wouldn't you say ;). I actually have an affinity for arrows, and thought this Kate Spade arrow bracelet that Scott gave me for Valentine's Day a few years back would be the perfect kitschy addition to my arrow matching ensemble (let's just say my hair matches the yellow arrow trim!).

I'm so happy that it's Wednesday! The past few days have gone by so slowly, but today things are really looking up! Scott is taking the GMAT this morning/afternoon and I have a wedding present to pick up for two sweet lovebirds who are tying the knot on Saturday! On Friday we're also celebrating the love of two more close friends, and will be chowing down at Joe's Farm Grill and on what's supposed to be the first 100 degree day of the year! Yikes! Please send cool thoughts our way - I'm not ready for the hot, hot, heat just yet!

Do you have a favorite kitschy landmark in your town?
-Chelsea xo


  1. I really like the denim on denim. And Katniss, obviously. (I refer to her as kitty-katniss.)

  2. love your denim always can get pretty dress from Levi..and i'm so jealous.guess what,i'm not sure why Levi's store in singapore sell denim dress too but in very expensive price.and i don't think i can afford to buy them..but i really love yours.

    xo josephine c.

  3. Great photos!! Love this outfit and the entire set. All that sun makes me yearn for the rain to stop up here in Michigan so I can get outside. :)

    XO Alison

  4. i think your katniss impression photo is my favorite of the bunch.