June 18, 2014


Yesterday morning Scott, myself and his two brothers caught a 6am flight to Salt Late City to visit my parents. Scott and I's morning started very early at a perky 3:15am! I couldn't have been asleep for more than four hours (I stayed up late editing photos and being a procrastinator), and at at the first site of light my eyes began burning - ouch! After we got moving, though, we were dressed, sipping on coffee and heading out the door by 4am.

 Our quick flight went smoothly and I may have gotten a short nap in before we landed in a very cold and rainy SLC. Unfortunately, none of us were prepared for such chilly temperatures, so we later dug through my folks' clothes and found raincoats and hats that would suit us all. We spent the rest of the morning relaxing, playing with the pups, and enjoying the cooler weather.

Later in the afternoon, we took a drive out to downtown SLC to check out some shops, coffee shops, and take a little walk in the rain. On our walk we found this neat St. Pepper-esque mural, right across from The Rose Establishment where we stopped for coffee. SLC is a pretty neat place, and I'm excited to be here taking a little break from the heat and spending time with family!

 Do you have any favorite restaurants/shops/coffee shops/parks in SLC?
-Chelsea xo

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  1. Hey Chelsea! I just moved from Salt Lake to New Mexico and I am sure missing the weather! Make sure you check out Gourmandise Bakery. They have the best panini's and treats you'll ever have and their coffee isn't terrible! It's a cute, delicious, local restaurant. Gourmandise is on third east between 200 and 300 south. Also check out Coffee Break on 400 East and 400 South. Have so much fun!