July 29, 2014


Now that we're deep into summer and can see fall on the horizon, I've been trying my best to knock things off my summer to-do list. Today, I finally took a tour of Scott's new grad school building, and also made a cold summer pasta salad for dinner. One of these activities left me in a state of pure heat exhaustion (it was 108+ degrees outside today), and the other left me feeling completely refreshed. Scott and I also cut into a giant watermelon and had some of it for dessert - the best summer treat, if you ask me! Since its been so hot the past few weeks, I've been doing my best to dress in the coolest outfits I can. I've had this dress hiding in my closet since this spring, and finally decided it was perfect for a HOT dinner date with my guy! We just celebrated six months of marriage and couldn't be happier (and also can't believe how quickly the time has gone by!).

Outfit details:
Dress: Jcrew factory
Clutch: Fossil
Flats: Madewell

Tonight we're working on a few projects together and getting really excited about the future of Citizen Home Decor, Scott's handmade woodworking business! I'm also thinking that I need another coffee to keep me awake because last night I was out karaoke with a bunch of girlfriends until MIDNIGHT! WHAT! We got a private room at this neat karaoke bar in Tempe and sang the night away. It really was so much fun, but I've been exhausted all day. ZZZ. Send more coffee, please!

What's everyone up to tonight?
-Chelsea xo

1 comment:

  1. 1. Heat exhaustion = yuck.
    2. I love that you're sharing more of yourself in your posts lately.
    3. It's been six months already?? I remember seeing your amazing wedding snippets on Instagram.
    4. I miss karaoke! Last time I went was with two out of five of my younger brothers, their best friend from childhood, and one of my bffs. My brother Nick had never been in a bar before! And he sang! And he liked it!
    5. I'm inspired to make a summer bucket list. You're right, it will fade into fall so quickly and then next thing we know it'll be winter and we'll be dreaming of summer (okay, I will- winters aren't bad at all out there!)