August 25, 2014


I'm back! It feels so good to finally be posting outfit photos again. For the past five days I've been lounging around the house, catching up on reality tv (guilty pleasure!) and really just taking it easy. For the first few days my incisions from my gallbladder surgery were really sore, so I wore the most comfortable clothes I could and didn't go out too much. I'm the kind of person who needs to get dressed and ready for the day every morning, so it was a bit hard to just play the lazy part and march around in leggings and a pj tee. However, I'm on day five now and back in my regular clothes - thank goodness!

The monsoons have still be treating us well and we've actually had a few cool nights and days around here lately. The day after my surgery it was gloriously gloomy outside and the temperature couldn't have been better. With dusty monsoons comes the most beautiful sunsets you've ever laid your eyes on, and on this day, the sunset was particularly perfect and the orange glow from the sun gave off the best pre-fall vibes.

Outfit details:
Dress: Levi's
Necklace: a gift from my mother

Tonight, Scott and I are laying low and spending time at home. Scott had his very first day of grad school last week, and today marked his first full week of classes. Every day I feel so proud and thankful to see him get all dressed up and head off to class bright and early. He's not only working toward improving his own future and career, but our future as a family, and that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I'm truly so proud to be his wife and partner in life! Hope everyone has a lovely evening! Don't forget to watch the Emmy's!

-Chelsea xo 


  1. "gloriously gloomy" YES! It's been like that a bit the last few mornings here in Colorado, too, and I'm loving it.

    Glad you're healing and feeling better!

  2. I wish you had taken a photo of the sunset. I would've loved to see it! It feels so nice to be up, dressed and ready for the day doesn't it? it give us a sense of purpose.

    Happy to know you're feeling much better! :)
    xo Nada,