August 14, 2014


Hiya! I'm currently sitting in a coffee shop soaking up the cool air and sipping on an iced coffee. Our air conditioner has been on the fritz, so today I opted to write my daily post from a favorite spot near our home. Today is the first day that its actually felt hot in the morning, so I'm hoping for another monsoon to roll in soon. Monsoon season is actually my favorite time of year in Arizona, because after weeks and weeks of heat, we get blessed with cloudy skies, a nice breeze and the biggest rain drops you've ever seen. Since we live in a pretty green area, we also get all of the mugginess that comes along with a warm storm. The other day we had someone come over and say that it smelled like Flagstaff (Northern Arizona) around our home. I'll take it!

This is Scott and I's last week together before he starts school again, which is nuts to think about. We've been doing our best to fully enjoy our days together, all the while cleaning, landscaping, and getting prepared for my gall bladder surgery the day before he heads back to school. I've been battling with issues from a poor gall bladder for years now, and early this summer when I found out that it was only working at 23 percent, I knew it was time for it to come out. While I'm nervous as hell for the surgery, I am ready to get it over and start the road to recovery.  

Outfit details:
Floppy hat: c/o Jcpenney
Blouse: Country store in Colorado
Necklace: old Etsy shop
Jeans: American Eagle
Sandals: c/o Blowfish Shoes

Today is one of my bestie's birthday and I'm so excited to spoil her later today! In the meantime, I'm off to have some pre-op blood work done and probably reward myself for going through with it. I hate needles, it's true! 

How has your August been so far? I'm soaking in all the fall vibes I can while still living in this heat. Has anyone seen pumpkin coffee for sale yet? If so, let a lady know!

-Chelsea xo


  1. Firstly, you look stunning. That second shot of you is my new favourite!! And oh my gosh, keep me posted on your surgery. I don't blame you for being nervous... but I'm certain all will go well super well. If you need any help with your blog (ie. a guest post) - let me know!! xoxo