August 18, 2014


Having a weekend morning together is a rare occurrence in our household. Scott works early, early every Saturday and Sunday, so weekend breakfasts or brunch usually isn't an option for us. However, every once in a great while, he'll get a short weekend shift and we'll celebrate with a brunch date at one of our favorite places, Liberty Market. A few weekends ago we did just this, so I thought it would be fun to share with ya'll a few snapshots from our brunch date - because who doesn't love brunch? ;)

We both ordered cappuccinos, are usual next to black coffees. With 49 years under its belt (literally!), Liberty's famed E61 espresso bar always makes the best shots. The first time we came to Liberty years ago it was to try out their coffee, and after all these years their drinks still never disappoint. If you've never been, I would suggest getting a cortadito and sip on it slowly - the espresso and sweetness of the raw sugar makes the tastiest blend!

Have you ever tried a cronut before? When the cronut craze was in full force, Liberty started making their own version of this crazy popular treat. Even though the cronut craze has since passed, Scott and I still had never tried one before, so we thought brunch would be best with a treat to start with - a espresso maple cronut that this! It was WAY sweet and very messy, but super delicious! Definitely a treat for someone with a big sweet tooth! 

After dessert, we finished up brunch with some sweet and savory dishes. I really was only interested in my eggs and pancake, so I pushed my bacon onto Scott's plate. He's a real trooper when it comes to bacon! ;)

Do you have a favorite brunch place? What do you usually get there?

-Chelsea xo


  1. fun, i love brunch! i don't do it very often here in the netherlands, perhaps it's not very common to do so.. but whenever i'm in seattle during the summer, i love going to this place called oddfellows and get their brioche french toast with mascarpone and maple syrup, so so so good!
    xo, cheyenne

  2. looks like such a lovely time with your sweet :) brunch is seriously the best.

  3. that brunch looks perfect! I can never turn down a good savory brunch. hope you're feeling better from your surgery!

  4. Hooray for brunch!! I love Morning Glory at the Farm for brunch, but I admit I'm seriously biased because I work right next door! Still, can't beat a late breakfast on their patio. <3