August 25, 2014


Hiya! I'm back after a not-so-planned blogging break! Last Wednesday I had surgery to remove my gallbladder - a pesky organ that has been causing me so much trouble for too many years now. While the surgery was outpatient, I definitely needed time afterward to rest and heal. I have four small incisions in my abdomen - one for the camera, one for the tool, one for the C02 they used to expand my stomach and one to take my gall bladder out from - in case you were wondering! A sweet gal on Instagram told me that afterward it would feel like I did a million crunches, and she was absolutely right. Besides the pain from the incisions, I did experience some major dizziness that seem to make my healing harder. However, I'm now on day five and feeling great! I still have some time to go before my incisions are all healed up, as well as a couple of months before my digestion levels out, but I'm definitely on the up and  up!

Thank you SO much to everyone who wished me well and sent prayers and love my way. They meant more to me than you will ever know!

I'll be back later with another post! I'm so excited to finally be back in the swing of things with this old blog - I missed it!

-Chelsea xo


  1. Glad it went well x, I'm having mine out tomorrow. Brother and sister both ended up in ICU with internal bleeding with the same operation so a little worried right now and love reading happy surgery stories. Sandy UK

  2. Glad to hear you're doing better! Rest up!