September 10, 2014


At the beginning of this month, Scott and I spent a few days in the woods of Coconino County in northern Arizona. I've been going to this national park every September since I was a kid, and each year it's just as beautiful, if not more, than the years before. I remember taking walks through these trees when I was younger, getting lost on occasion, but always making my way back to our campsite in time for dinner and s'mores. For me, this has always been a very special place, and I love that today I can share the beauty of the pine trees, the smell of campfires and the pre-fall weather with Scott every September. It will forever remind me of my childhood! 

Outfit details:
Handmade necklace
Gap jeans

Since coming back down the desert our day-to-day lives have been so busy! Scott is in full-on grad school mode and getting ready to give his first presentation of the semester tomorrow. I've been continuing to recover from my gallbladder surgery (still have a bit of soreness, but it's getting better), along with going to doctor's appointments and receiving some REALLY exciting (promise to share soon!). I've also found myself browsing through the new fall styles at my favorite shops more than I care to admit! I am truly SO ready for this new season and everything it will bring! Also, today is my dad's birthday and my mom and I got him tickets to see The Eagles -- one of his all-time favorite bands! Happy Birthday, Dad!

-Chelsea xo 

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