September 21, 2014


Happy Sunday! I hope ya'll are having a great weekend so far. A few weeks back I, along with a few other sweet local ladies, had the honor of modeling for Shop & Apparel's Fall Lookbook. We shot the photos at a nearby park/art center, and bask in the pre-fall light as the sun began to set. I adore the outfits I wore for the shoot, and will definitely be picking up a piece or two for my fall wardrobe from Shop & Apparel!

Thanks to Michelle Herrick and Alex Evjen for making this happen! You ladies are the best!

What are you up to on the rest of this lovely Sunday? Scott and I are spending some time at home relaxing and working on homework/blogging. We had such a busy week, so it's nice to just sit and be together!
-Chelsea xo


  1. such a cute outfit

  2. I hear you on just sitting around and getting stuff done! Glad you and Scott are able to do that today and what lovely photos you were able to capture with Shop & Apparel! I'll have to go check out their stuff as they're a new brand to me.



  3. Enjoy your downtime. And holy moly you look gorgeous. LOVE all of these outfits and photos!! <3

  4. What a fun little project to be apart of! Alex does styling magic and these outfits look amazing on you!