September 29, 2014


Happy Monday! I hope ya'll had a lovely weekend filled with adventures, lots of coffee and all the fall vibes. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous around here and it's definitely starting to feel like the beginning of fall. Scott and I decided to take it pretty easy this weekend with just a soup date on the rainiest Saturday, a little shopping and going to bed by 9pm (literally -- yikes!). We definitely needed a calm weekend, though, because we've been tired! Between adjusting to my new work schedule and Scott's grad school work picking up, we've been busy, busy around here. However, I know that it's all for the best and I'm excited to finally be getting into our daily grind. I have a feeling this fall is going to be a very busy season in life, but I'm really excited for all that is ahead of us and the celebrations that this time of year brings (dating anniversary, birthdays, Halloween and more!).

On Saturday was Scott and I's eighth anniversary of the day we met! I shared the story of how we met last year (here), but almost wanted to write it out again because it's such a special story to us. We were so young and had no idea about the beautiful life that lie ahead of us, together, as a couple, as lovers, as man and wife. It's funny how things work out when fate steps in! Thanks for being my rock, hubby! Cheers to eight years!

Outfit details:
Levi's button-up
American Eagle leggings

This morning we woke up to a COLD house and a snuggly kitty that wanted to stay in bed forever (seriously, he's too funny). I got dressed with cooler weather in mind, so I might have gone a little overboard with the layering, but it just felt too nice outside to pass up. Tonight I really want to take our pups to the dog park and decorate our yard with the pumpkins we picked up yesterday - one giant one and two little ones! I hope ya'll have a wonderful day!

-Chelsea xo


  1. The light and colors in these photos could not be more perfect! I feel ya on the busy schedules. It's great to be productive but I feel like life is running me over some days!

  2. LOVELY ! I am loving the cornfields on my blog as well ! Today is amazing !
    Simply Sutter