October 21, 2014


Any time that we find ourselves in Flagstaff, Arizona, we like making the trip downtown to Macy's for a quick coffee or lunch out on the patio. When we arrived in Flagstaff this time around it was nearly lunchtime, so we decided to park the car and walk along the changing colored leaves to Macy's.

To be honest, I'm not even sure how we found out about Macy's. This quaint European coffee shop has been a staple in the Flagstaff community for years now, so I'm sure that somewhere along our travels over the years someone must have told us to stop in there. Whoever it was, I'm sure glad they did. The atmosphere there, especially in the fall in winter, is quaint and dreamy. Think Stars Hollow with a dash of that Flagstaff hippie vibe mixed in.

After we ordered inside and got our hot americanos to-go, we stepped outside and scored a spot at one of their tiny tables along the front of the coffee shop. We had a few minutes before our food came, so we sipped our coffees and admired the changing leaves together - yellow, red and orange - the colors that day were out of this world. For lunch, we had a classic Macy's dish - grilled cheese and a side. Scott had a southwest soup, which looked delicious, and I had salad with their house dressing. The grilled cheese was SO good and the bread was so thick. MMM!

Oh, don't mind us. Just two newlyweds taking in the fall weather. ;)

After we finished up our lunch we headed out for a little stroll around the quaint neighborhood surrounding Macy's. We were on the hunt for more changing leaves and boy did we find them!

Do you have a favorite coffee shop that you alway have to visit when you go out of town?
-Chelsea xo

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