December 23, 2014


Well, Christmas is a day away and it looks like this crisp, white sweater is the closest thing I'm going to get to a white Christmas! While I love, love my city, sometimes I wish we had the occasional snowfall -  not just the freak, once-every-five-years kind of snowfall that makes national news (I believe the last time that happened was in 2008, so I guess we're due for another one, aren't we!). Anyways, today is my last day of work for a whole eight days and I am stoked for a little holiday vaca and time spent at home with my family and friends.

Outfit Details:
Madewell weater
Madewell long necklace
Jcrew and Kate Spade bracelets
Madewell Transport Tote
Gap jeans
Sam Edelman Petty booties

Tonight, Scott and I are meeting up with two of our best friends to exchange gifts and hopefully have some hot coffee (or hot coco) and some Christmas cookies too. Scott has been working like a little worker bee for days now with my mom to make and decorate cookies (and my grandma's famous fudge) for family and friends near and far -- I've been helping too, but I think I'm done more snacking then decorating -- oops! ;) Ok, Im out for now, but I hope ya'll have a lovely day and a very happy holiday if I don't talk to you until after Christmas!

What's your favorite holiday tradition? Mine is baking/decorating cookies and doing our advent calendar!
-Chelsea xo

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