April 30, 2014


Outfit details:
Last Chance dress and belt
Vintage bracelets
Madewell sandals

Every evening I watch the tree in our front yard sway its branches back and forth, back and forth. It might sound silly, but it feels so calming to peek out the window and watch the leaves blow around in the cool, spring winds. Usually by now it's hot hot in Phoenix, so I plan on enjoying every inch of this beautiful weather while I still can. When Scott and I stepped out to take these photos the other evening there was definitely a chill in air, but I couldn't wait any long to wear this pretty denim and lace dress (its been hiding in my closet since winter!). This spring and summer I've promised myself that I'll try out styles that are usually out of my comfort zone- like this lace paneled dress that I would have passed on before. Let's just say that I'm feeling adventerous and brave in my almost 26th year! Speaking of, my birthday is in two days I'm really excited to celebrate with some sweet friends the evening before, and then head up to Northern Arizona after work on my actual birthday. It's going to be a sweet one! 

What's your favorite thing to do on your birthday?
-Chelsea xo

April 29, 2014


Today I'm joining TOMS for One Day Without Shoes, the annual day when they kick off their shoes to raise global awareness for children's health and education. Being a fan of TOMS since the early days, I was thrilled when TOMS reached out to me to help spread awareness of this amazing campaign. In case you didn't know, for every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS gives a pair of shoes to a child in need. Since 2006, they have given away over 10 million pairs of shoes! Today their efforts also help in supporting eye care, as well as clean drinking water.

Now for a short lesson -- did you know that:
  • Shoes help protect from cuts, diseases, and soil-based infections like hookworm, which affects 740 million people worldwide.
  • Providing shoes for school uniforms can increase children's school attendance up to 62%.
  • When shoes are integrated into programs with larger community development goals, they empower children and their families to get the care and support they need.

So today I'm going without shoes and hope you will join me! Don't forget to post a photo and hashtag it #withoutshoes to socially take part in this day that strives to bring light to the idea that a pair of shoes fits in to a much bigger, global picture.

For more information, check out the One Day Without Shoes website!
-Chelsea xo

April 28, 2014


Outfit details:
Jcpenney felt hat
Tshirt: American Eagle
Roxy jeans: c/o Roxy
Vintage Crown sandals: via DSW

It's officially my birthday week! Come Friday, May 2, I'll be 26 years old! WOW! It feels so crazy to say that out loud. It feels like just yesterday I turned 16, and now that was 10 years ago. Nonetheless, in a few short days my 26th year will begin and I've been feeling awfully sentimental over the momentous year that was 25. Graduating with my Master's degree, starting my career, planning a wedding, getting married to the love of my life, honeymooning in San Francisco, adopting a sweet kitty, and so much more! While I don't foresee 26 holding quite as many changes, it's sure to be another amazing year of life. Since it's birthday week, I plan on indulging in lots of iced coffees, a mini date or two around the city, and dinner with friends at my favorite local restaurant -I'm still trying to choose, Nadia ;)

Ok, I'm out! Here's to a very happy Monday and day 1 of birthday week!
-Chelsea xo

April 24, 2014


Outfit details:
Free People cardigan
Madewell tshirt
Various bracelets 
Madwell tote
AE leggings
Madewell flats

Scott and I are starting to become quite the seasoned spontaneous road trip takers these days. Since our days off aligned this week, we opted for a 3 1/2 hour drive down to Southern Arizona for a little mid-week getaway. This time around, I opted for a cozy cardigan, comfy jeans, and easy flats for our drive through Joshua Tree and Route 66. On the drive down we blasted some old school classic's, like Taking Back Sunday's Tell All Your Friends and Minus The Bear's Highly Refine Pirates, and also some newer tunes like Ben Gibbards newest record and some Lorde. During our 48 hour road trip we checked out some antique stores, snuggled with the pups, had an early birthday celebration with my family (my birthday's May 2!), and ate birthday cake for breakfast. It really was the perfect two day getaway!

Today we're both back to the daily grind and already dreaming about next week's birthday weekend getaway to Northern Arizona! I still can't believe I'm just days away from being 26 - AH! Where has the time gone? Ok, I'm off to find some more coffee and get on with my busy day. Have a great one, friends!
-Chelsea xo

April 22, 2014


Outfit details:
Levi's jean jacket
Jcrew dress
Blowfish Shoes sandals

Hidden among the corn fields and middle of nowhere "urban" developments lies The Grove. You may remember that back in the fall when we took our engagement photos, this spot was full of crunchy leaves and pistachios ripe for the picking, but now, it's just starting to awaken from its winter slumber with pops of bright green and bare trees. This outfit felt perfect for the setting, with a pop of color and bare legs, yet covered up shoulders for a windy spring afternoon. I'm not usually a spring kind of gal (even though I'm a spring baby that is less than two weeks away from her big day), but this season is winning me over one breezy evening at a time.

Today Scott and I are off on another road trip, this time to visit my family just outside of Sin City! While we weren't up before the sun, we did get an early start this morning that began with a stop for coffee and oatmeal, and since then we've been driving through the beautiful lands of our great state. We even drove through a patch of Joshua Trees - the oddest, prickliest trees you'll ever seen. Now we're about 20 miles out and my stomach is grumbling! I'm ready for an early lunch at a road trip favorite, In N Out! I'll be posting photos from our trip on Instagram and Twitter, so don't forget to follow me there. 

Peace out from this road trip crew!
-Chelsea xo

April 18, 2014


TGIF! It has been one long week and I'm so excited for a nice relaxing weekend. I've spent most of today listening to my teen angst playlist on Spotify (Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Minus The Bear, The Strokes, etc.) sipping on hot coffee, ice coffee, and some more hot coffee, and also taking in all of the beautiful spring light we have filling our office today now that our giant windows have been uncovered from their dark shades. Anyways, Scott and I been obsessing over the new The Original Chop Shop location in Chandler and have found ourselves there more often this week than I would care to admit. Not to far away from the shop is this beautiful rust red wall - which looks very Southwestern, if you're asking me! Red has always felt like my color, even though I don't wear it often. I love how it makes my hair pop, and how it can brighten up any outfit or design. Anyways, with the hot, hot heat on the horizon, I have a feeling that you'll be seeing me in a variation of this outfit all summer long. Time to add a few more freckles to those pale shoulders of mine! Have a lovely weekend, friends! 

Outfit details:
Madewell scarf
Madewell blouse
Vintage turquoise ring
Madewell tote
Gap jeans
Sam Edelman booties

April 16, 2014


Now that spring has rolled around, the resorts in the Phoenix area are overflowing with spring breakers, tourists, snowbirds, and couples and families escaping that last bit of snow. On a slow going Saturday, Scott and I visited the San Marcos Hotel and Resort in downtown Chandler to enjoy a bit of the resort life. Built in 1912, the San Marcos was influenced by the design work of Frank Lloyd Wright, a close friend of the Dr. AJ Chandler who not only constructed the hotel, but was also the founder of the town that holds his namesake. Opening in 1913, the hotel housed the greatest celebrities of its time (and later), including Clark Gable, Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby, President Hoover and Christian Dior. Today, the hotel remains as busy as ever and is a popular spot to stay at in Chandler. It's also known as a local paranormal hot-spot, and throughout the years the hotel's staff has received phone calls from rooms and extensions that no longer exist, spotted a ghostly woman floating around the hotel, and heard moaning from empty areas of the building. If you're ever in the area, the San Marcos is certainly a place not to be missed! 

Ok, I'm out after a long day of work and a very fun evening photoshoot with a few talented gals at another amazing resort!

Do you have any favorite local haunted spots in your area?

Outfit details:
I HEART Ronson dress via Jcpenney
Handmade copper bracelet
Sam Edelman Petty boots

April 14, 2014


Happy Monday, friends! Today zoomed by and I can't believe it's already time to go to bed. Well, after I watched The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season premier, that is! ;) Last week I had two days off during the week, so Scott and I took full advantage of our rare time off together and went down to Phoenix for some coffee, vintage shopping, and time spent in the city. On our way out to a local vintage shop, Modern Manor, we made a stop at one of our favorite local coffee shops - Copper Star Coffee. This sweet shop is tucked inside a refurbished gas station, and has the best tropical muffins this city has ever seen. Their ice coffee isn't too bad either! It was a warm day out, but this floral kimono and my strappy sandals did the trick of keeping me cool during our downtown adventures. 

We have a busy week ahead of us, and I've got something really exciting and very summery lined up for Wednesday! Can't wait to share more details and maybe some sneak peeks soon! I just may post a few hints on my Instagram, so follow along and stay tuned!

Outfit details:
Nordstorms BP kimono
Madewell tshirt
Madewell The Transport Tote
American Eagle high-rise jeans
Crown Vintage sandals via DSW