May 29, 2014


Outfit details:
Target felt hat
Levi's denim pullover shirt
Jcrew and Kate Spade bracelets
Gap leggings
Justin Boots

A few evenings ago as the sun was beginning to set, Scott and I walked down to a field near our home that had the prettiest purple flowers growing all over it. It was one of our last "cool nights" that we'll have for awhile, and the last time we'll see these gorgeous wildflowers because they've since been cut and chopped completely down. Last night we went on a walk around this field and it was hot and muggy! I definitely want to continue walking and running regularly during the summer, so I think it's about time I purchased some running shorts - my athletic pants just aren't cutting it anymore. In other news, I woke up to cloudy skies and a chance of rain. I drove to work with my hot coffee in hand and the windows down listening to The Get Up Kids' Campfire Kansas -- it felt like one of those perfect summer movie moments that will stay with you forever.

This afternoon, I'm headed to our local lake to meet Scott for a little kayaking adventure! He's been dying to take the kayaks out, and since it's beautiful outside right now, he couldn't resist. Wish me luck that I don't tip over into the lake! 

What have you been up to?
-Chelsea xo

May 28, 2014


Outfit details:
Dress: Swapdom swap with Tieka of Selective Potential
Jcrew leather bracelet
Madewell Transport Tote
Wedges: c/o Blowfish Shoes

Happy Wednesday! Long time no talk, right? Life has been just busy, busy lately, but I'm so happy to be back here. During the long weekend we celebrated our niece's birthday, complete with a family fiesta celebration, and a party fit for a mini princess. On Saturday her folks threw a big 1st birthday party at Joe's Real BBQ, a Gilbert landmark that has some of the best BBQ in town. It's a really neat restaurant in an old brick building lining old downtown Gilbert, complete with a walk up window outside where you can order your food to-go (or eat it outside on their nice patio!). We had a great time at Joe's chowing down on some BBQ, baked potatoes as big as your head, and the best homemade root beer! Since it was Memorial Day Weekend, my outfit was also definitely a little more patriotic than usual! Tieka of Selective Potential sent me this darling dress and the minute I pulled it out of the sweet package she sent, I knew it would be a summer favorite. The pretty pleats and nautical feel are right up my alley, and the lace back gives it the perfect dainty touch! You're the best, Tiek!

Today I'm taking it easy after a minor procedure I had yesterday morning. They say anesthesia hits you harder the next day, and I'm definitely feeling it. Time for more coffee and blog reading all day long!

How was your long weekend?
-Chelsea xo

May 22, 2014


Outfit details:
Kate Spade bracelets
Blowfish sandals 

The month of May has given us some of the most beautiful sunsets to date! Every evening an amazing glow comes over the whole city and I can't help but stop to take in all of the beauty surrounding me. Surprisingly, its still been nice and cool in the evenings, which has made for the best sunset walks with my guy. Awhile back I picked up this darling dress from Ruche, and thought it would match perfectly with our desert sunsets and surroundings. I'm obsessed with the delicate weaving, and how it fits me like a glove. I have a feeling it will definitely become one of my favorite summer essentials, especially when the temperatures rise even higher and daily popsicles become a must.

Tonight we're headed to family dinner to celebrate our niece's first birthday! I still can hardly believe that she was born a year ago today! I remeber the first time I held her I was so nervous and couldn't stop shaking. Today, she's the sweetest little lady who gives the biggest smiles and lets me dance her fussies away. On Friday and Saturday we're continuing the celebrations with two more dinner parties, and also enjoying the long weekend! Next week is going to be a really big week for myself, so I'm excited to take some time to relax, celebrate, and spend time with family and friends!

Do you have any big plans for the long weekend?
-Chelsea xo

May 20, 2014


Outfit details:
Madewell t-shirt
Forever 21 mini-skirt
Sperry flats

Going peach picking is something I look forward to every year! In early May, one of our favorite local U-Pick Farms opens up for a couple of weekends full of peach picking and peach festivities (taste testings, BBQs, carnival rides and more!), and every year Scott and I make our way down there to hunt out the best peaches and take some photos along the way. It's was blazing hot this day, and while we may have gotten a tad sunburned, it was totally worth it. Hidden among the acres of trees were some of the best and biggest peaches I've seen there over all the years we've been going there! We came home with a full sack of deliciously ripe and sweet peaches, and may have eaten one together among the trees. After paying for our peaches we took a drive up to the base of the San Tan Mountains to get a feel for the trails and take in the views, and then we headed home for an evening of shopping and froyo. After having such a busy schedule lately, I was in love with this day! Here's to more like it!
-Chelsea xo

May 19, 2014


Forever 21 floral blouse
Tulle skirt: c/o Lily & Violet
Crown Vintage sandals via DSW

Every spring I come down with the floral fever - you know the one, right? Lately I've been obsessing over every bright bloom I see, whether it be in a potted plant, in a wedding bouquet (my friend, Caitlin had THE most beautiful flowers at her wedding this weekend), or printed on a darling blouse. I've also seem to have come down with a serious case of wanderlust, and I'm so ready for Scott and I's next road trip. We're hoping to head to San Diego in early June to spend some time with my best friend, Courtney, and lounge on the beach, of course! Until then, we're planning on taking a day trip to Canyon Lake! From the pictures I've seen, it looks beautiful up there and the lake is only a quick 1 hour drive from the city! In other news, we've got another busy weekend of celebrations in front of us and I can't wait. Our dear friends' little girl is turning 1, and I'm so excited to go shopping for her! I may have gone into Baby Gap the other day and oooed and awwwed over the tiny denim jackets and dresses. Seriously, so cute!

What kind of trips are in your near future?
-Chelsea xo

May 16, 2014


TJ Maxx top
Levi's jeans
Sperry flats

HEYO! It's Friday! Scott and I are having a yummy lunch at Chop Shop right now (he's working on his grad school application too!), and we've got the whole day to ourselves. We took these photos on one of our first real HOT day right after my birthday, and now I'm looking back and thinking this day was nothing compared to the 104 degree heat we're having today! Yikes! To ward off heat exhaustion we're drinking lots of watermelon iced tea and thinking about heading to the movies in a little bit - the only place in Arizona that is ice cold in the spring and summer! 

We've got a busy weekend ahead of us, but we're so excited to attend our good friends' wedding and celebrate their love. The groom was actually our videographer, and his bride caught my bouquet! I still need to figure out what I'm going to wear, but I know it's sure to be an amazing day. I LOVE love, marriage, soul mates, and fun weddings with the best of friends. I hope you all have a lovely weekend! 
-Chels xo

May 14, 2014


(Doing my best Katniss impression!)

Outfit details:
Urban Outfitters vest
Levi's dress
Kate Spade bracelet
Madewell flats

The giant arrow has been on my list of places to feature for some time now. This kitschy piece reminds me of the famous Twin Arrows Trading Post off a Route 66, except this one still stands tall and is in mighty fine condition. I'm hoping this summer Scott and I can take a few road trips around the state, and the twin arrows are definitely on my list, along with Bird Cage Theatre, the airplane boneyard, and Biosphere 2! This giant arrow, though, is positioned next to a community archery, and I think it brought out my best Katniss impression to date - wouldn't you say ;). I actually have an affinity for arrows, and thought this Kate Spade arrow bracelet that Scott gave me for Valentine's Day a few years back would be the perfect kitschy addition to my arrow matching ensemble (let's just say my hair matches the yellow arrow trim!).

I'm so happy that it's Wednesday! The past few days have gone by so slowly, but today things are really looking up! Scott is taking the GMAT this morning/afternoon and I have a wedding present to pick up for two sweet lovebirds who are tying the knot on Saturday! On Friday we're also celebrating the love of two more close friends, and will be chowing down at Joe's Farm Grill and on what's supposed to be the first 100 degree day of the year! Yikes! Please send cool thoughts our way - I'm not ready for the hot, hot, heat just yet!

Do you have a favorite kitschy landmark in your town?
-Chelsea xo