September 30, 2014


It's the last day of September and I can't believe how quickly the month flew by. Although fall doesn't technically start until around the middle of the month, September always feels like the start of a new season. This year, I was so ready for a fresh month and all the fall vibes that September brings. This time around it also brought a new job, an amazing opportunity for Scott, and lots of time together.

Here's a little recap of what our September looked like:
  • Spending time my sweetheart in the woods outside of Flagstaff, Ariz.
  • Sipping on my first pumpkin spice iced coffee of the season.
  • Spending lots of time with our sweet pups, Piper and Scout.
  • Celebrating 8 years from the day we met - we were just kids back then.
  • Starting a new job and getting into the swing of things.
  • Pulling out my sweaters and boots a little early.
  • Working on a fun photo shoot for Shop & Apparel. 
  • Seeing my Phoenix Travel Bug Guide go up on the Modcloth blog!

October is my favorite month and I just know that it's going to be a great one! I can't wait to celebrate all the goodness that the month holds - much cooler weather, trips to the pumpkin patch, walks around The Orchard, an awesome collaboration with Urban Outfitters, our eight year dating anniversary, Scott's 26th birthday and Halloween! Here's to an extra special and spooky month!

-Chelsea xo

September 29, 2014


Happy Monday! I hope ya'll had a lovely weekend filled with adventures, lots of coffee and all the fall vibes. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous around here and it's definitely starting to feel like the beginning of fall. Scott and I decided to take it pretty easy this weekend with just a soup date on the rainiest Saturday, a little shopping and going to bed by 9pm (literally -- yikes!). We definitely needed a calm weekend, though, because we've been tired! Between adjusting to my new work schedule and Scott's grad school work picking up, we've been busy, busy around here. However, I know that it's all for the best and I'm excited to finally be getting into our daily grind. I have a feeling this fall is going to be a very busy season in life, but I'm really excited for all that is ahead of us and the celebrations that this time of year brings (dating anniversary, birthdays, Halloween and more!).

On Saturday was Scott and I's eighth anniversary of the day we met! I shared the story of how we met last year (here), but almost wanted to write it out again because it's such a special story to us. We were so young and had no idea about the beautiful life that lie ahead of us, together, as a couple, as lovers, as man and wife. It's funny how things work out when fate steps in! Thanks for being my rock, hubby! Cheers to eight years!

Outfit details:
Levi's button-up
American Eagle leggings

This morning we woke up to a COLD house and a snuggly kitty that wanted to stay in bed forever (seriously, he's too funny). I got dressed with cooler weather in mind, so I might have gone a little overboard with the layering, but it just felt too nice outside to pass up. Tonight I really want to take our pups to the dog park and decorate our yard with the pumpkins we picked up yesterday - one giant one and two little ones! I hope ya'll have a wonderful day!

-Chelsea xo

September 26, 2014


Over the years I've written seasonal Must Lists (like my 2012 Summer Must List and my 2012 Fall Must List), so I thought it would be fun to carry on the tradition and gather my thoughts for a 2014 edition of my Fall Must List. Once again, I am following along in the footsteps of MAV from 3191 Miles Apart, who, along with SCB and the whole team, is and always will be a great inspiration to me.

Long sweaters
Hot coffee with two pumps of PS in it
Pumpkin donuts
Cozy scarfs
The perfect fall playlist
Lots of photos
The perfect pair of booties
My family

Have a bonfire with friends
Go to a pumpkin patch
Bake a cheesecake for Scott
Got to a concert
Watch Hocus Pocus
Go on a hayride
Host a pumpkin carving contest
Dress up Boots, Scout & Piper in Halloween costumes

Must Feel:

What's on your Fall Must List? 
If you blog about it, please be sure and share in the comments!
-Chelsea xo

September 24, 2014


Today I'm back with style number four from my LuLu*s Rustic Fall Collab! Lately, I've been living in these six LuLu*s pieces I've been posting about over the last month. I'll be finishing up this fun fall collab by the end of the month, and I have to say, I've really loved feeling challenged to mix and match my wardrobe (or in this case, six pieces) in all different ways. This bohemian-esque dress has by far been my favorite piece to style! I love the color combo, the fun print and how easy it is to layer. If you're looking for one great dress this fall I would have to say go with this one, you won't be disappointed!

Outfit details:
Be My Beau-Hemian Black Print Dress c/o LuLu*s
Bamboo Battle 23 Black Lace-Up Ankle Booties c/o LuLu*s

I seriously can't believe that it's only Wednesday! This week has been so crazy, but in such a good way. I had a great meeting with a client yesterday, and than Scott and I had dinner together at home and did a little shopping. We did both end up falling asleep on accident in all of our clothes, on top of our bed and with ALL the lights on in the house --oops! Guess we need to catch up on some sleep, but hey, isn't that what coffee is for? ;) Ok, I'm out! Have a great rest of your day, ya'll!

-Chelsea xo

September 23, 2014


Happy first day of Autumn, ya'll! My favorite season is officially here! I woke up this morning to a chill in the air, hocus pocus on my mind (I fell asleep watching it last night, talk about weird dreams!), and an urge to wear plaid, rust, and all the layers today. This fall I have big plans to host a bonfire get together, driving up north to see the fall colors, and watch as many Halloween movies as I can before the season is over. This magical season always seems to go by too quickly, but I plan on making every second count! 

This Autumn-hued dress was one of my favorite pieces last season that I wore over and over again. This time around, I loved styling it up with my favorite dark jean jacket, a long gold chain necklace and new booties from TOMS. I almost want to say now that this will be my Autumn uniform, but, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

With the start of Autumn comes a few changes in our daily routines. Scott and I are trying to get into a good groove with our new schedules, which includes snapping outfit photos the second I get home from work -- that darn sun is setting earlier and earlier every day. We're also trying to be better about packing our lunches the night before for school and work, and trying to get out for a run every evening. These may be just small changes, but we're ready to take on the new season with a fresh perspective and an eagerness to have a stress-free (or at least less) season.  

Outfit details:
Levi's jean jacket
Dress c/o Marshalls

Today, Scott has a big presentation and I've got my first client meeting since starting my new job - so it's a big day for the both of us. Scott stopped by our favorite coffee shop, Lola, last night and picked us up iced coffees for today so we'd both be well caffeinated and ready for our busy days. He's pretty sweet like that! Anyways, I hope ya'll have a wonderful first day of fall! Here's to an amazing season!
-Chelsea xo

September 22, 2014


With the Autumnal Equinox upon us, I thought I would share a few photos from past falls. I know many non-southwest dwellers may think that fall doesn't make its presence in Arizona, but I assure you, the magic of fall fills up these desert lands like you wouldn't believe. 

Fall is my absolutely favorite time of the year and I couldn't be happier that it's almost here! Now, I think it's time to for a Hocus Pocus marathon, some warm apple cider, and pumpkin donuts all around! Who's with me?
-Chelsea xo

September 21, 2014


Happy Sunday! I hope ya'll are having a great weekend so far. A few weeks back I, along with a few other sweet local ladies, had the honor of modeling for Shop & Apparel's Fall Lookbook. We shot the photos at a nearby park/art center, and bask in the pre-fall light as the sun began to set. I adore the outfits I wore for the shoot, and will definitely be picking up a piece or two for my fall wardrobe from Shop & Apparel!

Thanks to Michelle Herrick and Alex Evjen for making this happen! You ladies are the best!

What are you up to on the rest of this lovely Sunday? Scott and I are spending some time at home relaxing and working on homework/blogging. We had such a busy week, so it's nice to just sit and be together!
-Chelsea xo

September 18, 2014


We're now half way through September and I feel like this month is just getting better and better! The weather has been amazing with lots of cloud cover, rain showers and cool(er) weather. I've been drinking lots of pumpkin iced coffees, spending time with our pups, and digging out my favorite fall wardrobe pieces. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have also read that I started a new job on Monday! I'm very excited for this amazing opportunity, and have been spending the week getting acclimated, learning the ropes and making daily coffee runs to keep me awake and alert (10 points to anyone gets that musical reference! Local peeps?).  

Outfit details:
Jean Jacket: Gap
Top: Madewell
Jeans: Gap
Wedges: BC Footwear

Tonight, Scott and I are taking maternity photos for my cousin and her husband! They're due on Valentine's Day and just found out the sex of the baby today (!!!), so we're going to take some sweet announcement photos for them to share. Girl or boy? Girl or boy? What will it be! I may actually already know, but my lips are sealed! Anyways, today I'm going through a major old music binge and remember the times when Scott and I would go to a show or two every week. Oh man, those were the days. Toward the end of the month it will be eight years since Scott and I first met at a coffee shop where he was playing with his crazy techno band! Where has the time gone? Ok, I'm out!

How has your September been so far?
-Chelsea xo