November 25, 2014


Hey ya'll! I'm back today with a new video! I'm so excited to be starting a new monthly favorites series, and today we're kicking things off with November! I have quite a few things that I've been loving this month, from stationary items, to holiday decor and the best beauty bits of the season, and I'm really stoked to be sharing everything with you today!

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-Chelsea xo

November 24, 2014


Hey ya'll! I'm not gonna even lie, the only thing that got me out of bed this morning was the fact that a giant hot coffee was waiting for me downstairs! While we had a lovely weekend full of lots of R&R and getting our home cleaned up and ready for the holidays - I am still very much looking to the four day weekend that is already in our very near future! It's seriously so hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just days away and that the holidays are basically here. Per usual, I've held off putting up the majority of our Christmas decorations, but come Black Friday the tree is going up! 

Outfit details:
Free People cardigan
Forever 21 plaid button-up
Gap jeans
Madewell flats

I've got a crazy busy week at work trying to get projects and tasks finished up before the holiday break. Scott and I are also getting ready for Small Business Saturday - more info on that soon! Other than that, we just plan to spend some quality time with our family and friends this week and also do a little holiday shopping - I can't resist Black Friday! Speaking of shopping, Scott is also now selling his darling state ornaments in his shop and they're going quick - so get 'em while they're hot! Don't forget that you can make a request for a favorite state or country and he'll get it whipped up quick!
Have a lovely day, friends!
-Chelsea xo

November 20, 2014


Happy Friday Eve! This week I've found myself bundling up in the early mornings and chilly evenings, with a layer strip in-between to prevent myself from overheating (the heater in my office works so well). I've also been reaching for this cozy blanket scarf just about every morning - it's seriously so soft and cozy (even if it does shed lots of fuzzys on everything, ha). Anyways, Scott and I have been relaxing at home every evening this week (although, we did make a Target run last night and came home with way too many cute Christmas decorations). With school and work being so busy and amplified by the holiday season, we've really wanted to focus on relaxing when we can. Even though I admitted in my most recent video (watch it here) that we've never really been a couple that binge watches tv shows on Netflix, last night we did start the Gilmore Girls series together (my third or fourth time and Scott's first). The pilot for that show is so witty and contains everything I love about GG - Stars Hallow, coffee and Luke - sigh! Haha! Anyways, I have a feeling that watching an episode every night of GG will be our late fall/winter tradition.  

Outfit details:
Zara Blanket Scarf
Madewell Jacket
Madewell Top
Gap Jeans
Seychelle Booties

I know it's a tad early, but with Thanksgiving exactly one week away and the holiday shopping season beginning, I wanted to let ya'll know that Scott and I will be back again this year for the 9th Annual Crafeteria on Friday, December 5th from 6-10 p.m. at Medlock Plaza in Phoenix. We had such a great time last year selling Scott's handmade items from Citizen Home Decor and look forward to another evening of Christmas shopping and holiday cheer once again! Will we be seeing you there?
-Chelsea xo

November 18, 2014


I'm back together with another video post - the Sweater Weather Tag! I've been watching some of my favorite gals, including Savannah, do this video tag for years now, so I was very excited to finally be making it myself. I hope ya'll enjoy my answers, and be sure and subscribe to my channel and leave a comment letting know what you love most about sweater weather!

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-Chelsea xo

November 17, 2014


Man, today has been a crazy busy day! The only thing that seem to keep me sane through the work day was a very large hot coffee from my beloved Starbucks and the tune "Don't" by Ed Sheeran. I'm really not one for radio fodder, but I can't stop listening to that song - the beat is SO good! Anyways, post-crazy work day, I've been spending the evening cozied up by the fire (literally - it's so chilly) and dreaming about this evening glow we had this weekend. Lately, we've had the most gorgeous sunsets and it's always so amazing to see the sky on fire. It also doesn't hurt that the trees around our home are finally changing colors and look even more amazing when the twilight hits them. Sigh, late fall really is so beautiful. 

On another note, this cozy fringe cardigan from Deloom has been one of my most favorite layering pieces lately. I love, love the aztec pattern and the fringe details. I'm basically obsessed with it and everything in the Deloom shop!

Outfit details:
Vince Camuto Wide Brimmed Hat c/o Zappos
Madewell Bien Fait tee
Kate Spade Saturday bag
Gap jeans
Frye boots

Since I'm one of Deloom's biggest fans, I thought it would be fun to partner up for a giveaway! 

Deloom has graciously offered one lucky Tea Talk reader a $50 credit to their shop! 

GIVEAWAY DETAILS: To enter you must be a U.S. resident. Giveaway ends on Sunday, November 23th. Enter below --

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November 14, 2014


It's Friday and my brain is already set to weekend mode! The chilly mornings have made it even harder to get out of our cozy, Pendelton wool blanket lined bed lately, and this morning was no exception. Truthfully, only the promise of a hot cup of coffee is about the only thing that gets me out of my cozy spot nowadays. Well, that and maybe a cozy outfit to wear, like this wool and ruffles look I whipped up the other morning. Trapeze slips from Free People have to be one of my favorite layering pieces of all, and since I recently added this tea color gem to my closet, I figure it was time to wear it out. I'm not usually one for ruffles, but there's something about this slip that just does it for me.

Outfit details:
Madewell cardigan
Gap jeans

Scott and I are starting out the weekend with a bang by attending an ASU basketball game tonight with some sweet friends. In all honesty, this is my first ASU sporting event I've ever been too -- WHAT! Yeah, I may have gone there for four years between my two programs, but I never once went to a game. We'll just say that school spirit was never my forte. Anyways, tomorrow one of my besties is coming into town and we're going on a coffee date - the best kind of bestie dates. It's been way too long since we've seen one another so I'm way stoked to get to spend some time with her during her short trip home - love ya, Court! We don't really have any other plans throughout the weekend, but I'll definitely be filming another video for ya'll! If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see in my next video, please leave me a comment and let me know! 

Have a great weekend, friends!
-Chelsea xo

November 13, 2014


It's November and the nights are finally crisp, and the mornings are dewy with a chill in the air. Lately, my days have been filled with hot coffees, lots of cozy socks, sweaters and layers, and drive in my car listening to a few old and new tunes non-stop. So today I wanted to share with ya'll just a couple of the songs I've been loving lately. Please note, there would have be lots from the new TSwift album on here, but Grooveshark didn't have it! GRRR! Anyways, I hope you enjoy this little November playlist as much as I do! Let me know in the comments what you've been listening to lately! xo

November Playlist by Chelsea Goodson on Grooveshark

November 12, 2014


Oh, hello! Thank ya'll so much for your very sweet words regarding my first Youtube video yesterday! I'm so happy to hear that so many of you enjoyed my first video and that you're looking forward to more videos to come. I'm not gonna lie, it did feel a little strange to be chatting to a camera alone in my living room, but if ya'll are on the other side of the video and don't mind my occasional wordy mess-ups here and there (I was nervous, guys!), I think we're going to be just fine! I plan on filming my next video this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for a new video early next week!

Outfit details
Dress: from Selective Potential's closet
We Love Colors tights
Sam Edelman booties

This comfy dress, that I scored from Tieka's closet, has been my go-to lately, especially when I want to layer up. The mornings and evenings around here have been extra chilly, so I've been reaching for cozy socks, lots of layers and all the hot coffee. November in Arizona is alway so, so beautiful and this year has been no exception. Anyways, it's Wednesday and I'm tending to a very numb face after this morning's dentist appointment. Drinking my iced coffee has also been quite a funny challenge. If only ya'll could see me trying to slip the coffee up the straw and stay in my mouth - yikes - maybe that's not such a good idea, haha. ;)
-Chelsea xo

November 11, 2014


I'm very excited to announce that I'm now on YOUTUBE! You can watch my first video below, and  don't forget to keep an eye out for more style, beauty and lifestyle videos coming your way. I definitely have a few kinks to work out, but I'm so excited to finally be making videos and hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoy making them! Don't forget to subscribe and leave a comment to let me know what five things you've been loving lately!

 Thank you SO much for watching!
-Chelsea xo

November 10, 2014


Hello! Today I've teamed up with Zappos to style up a few pieces from their wonderful shop - a pair of Paige denim jeans and Freebird boots to be exact! I've been a big fan of Zappos for years now, as they have best selection of shoes, clothing, accessories and more - and I always seem to find what I'm looking for there even if it's sold out elsewhere. Also, a huge bonus is that their shipping is super quick! Anyways, for this challenge I was asked to style up a cozy fall look, so naturally I went with my go-to lately - cozy layers, denim and boots!

Outfit details:

This weekend was Scott and I's first time shooting with our NEW camera! ECK! After four years of shooting with our Rebel, Scott and I finally took the plunge and purchased a Canon 6D + a new lens. This camera is sharp and it's a dream to shoot with. On Saturday I actually sat down and shot something really exciting with it, so keep an eye out for something new coming to the blog very soon. Also, I can't believe we're already in the thick of the early November and that the holidays are slowly making their way here. I may have already purchased my first Christmas present and a new ornament for our tree, and I have a feeling that it's all downhill from here! ;)

I'll be back with another fun post with Zappos closer to the holiday season! 

Have a lovely day, ya'll! xo

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November 5, 2014


Eating - a balance of healthy foods and pumpkin treats!
Drinking - hot coffee and water.
Working - on spending more time being active after I get home from work each day.
Learning -  how to better balance my time.
Listening - to the new Tswift album and the Serial podcast (can't get enough!). 
Reading - lots of Adweek and all the blogs I'm following on Bloglovin.
Watching - too many reality and home shows lately. My favorites are Rehab Addict and 
Walking - from coffee shop to coffee shop lately. 
Wearing - lots of layers, chunky sweaters and boots. Cold weather is finally here!
Wanting -  this gorgeous satchel from Madewell.

Photo by Kandis Marino Photography.

November 4, 2014


During our Northern adventure, Scott and I made a quick stop at the secret creek - the same one we visited in May where our dear friends eloped last year! This time around, the trees had a hint of yellow and orange to them, the water was icy, and the ground was covered in crunchy leaves. The light that was shining through the tops of the trees also gave off the most beautiful glow, and standing  here felt like we were in a dream. Sigh, Arizona really can be so beautiful!

Outfit details:
Gold bracelet: Kate Spade
Mesa boots c/o Minnetonka Moccasin

Ever since we got back from our trip I've been dreaming off another weekend getaway. While we may not be able to escape the city until the wintertime, I can still daydream about this gorgeous fall day among the aspens, pine tops and all the fallen leaves. In other news, I woke up feeling like today was another Monday complete with tired eyes, traffic and bonking my head on my desk at work first thing this morning. While it may feel easy to let these little hardships bring me down, today I've decided that I'm going to turn things around - one coffee cup at a time. If you're having a crummy or even mediocre day, please join me! Let's make today a great one!

-Chelsea xo