January 29, 2015


I'll be the first to admit that while I love winter and all the joy it brings (Christmas, New Years, our wedding anniversary), I find myself having an harder time during these colder months. Now, I bet you're thinking -- but Chelsea, you live in the desert! And while that's true, I can't deny that the winter blues can often be found alive and well in the Goodson house. So how do we beat them? Well, I'm glad you asked.

1. Take a walk.

I've found that one of the best ways to pick yourself up out of a funk is to go for a walk. Scott and I have a favorite walking path near our home that's brightly lit and has a great view of the surrounding city. A couple of times a week we bundle up after dinner and take a two mile walk to clear our heads, talk about our days and burn a few calories off. I always feel better after these evening walks, and find myself look forward to them when I'm in need of a mood changer or a change of pace.

2. Go out for coffee!

You knew this one was coming, didn't you! Well, it's true. When I'm feeling crummy and in a slump, going out for a cup of coffee (or whatever your hot drink of choice may be) gets me moving, warms me up and perks my senses so I can finish my day on top. 

3. Plan a day trip.

It may be a Phoenician thing, but folks around here are big on day trips. Up to Sedona to see the red rocks, down to Tucson for Sonoran hot dogs or maybe up to Flagstaff for a true snow day. With living in such a busy city, sometimes it's nice to escape and see new things, experiences new places or even just visit a few of your favorite old spaces - like Macy's Coffee Shop in Flagstaff, a must for us when we're up North! 

4. Take up a new hobby.

Knitting, yoga, basket weaving - whatever floats your boat! Give yourself a few hours each week to try something new and get your creative juices flowing. The last hobby I picked up was Project Life, and while I haven't been the best at keeping it up, I do have fun when I sit down and knock out a page or two. 

5. Netflix binge.

Getting lost in a great show can be the best cure for the winter blues. Scott and I recently started watching Gilmore Girls and find ourselves indulging in a few episodes every other night. I grew up watching GG and love that Scott finds their witty humor just as charming as I do.

I would love to hear your tips and tricks for being the winter woes!
-Chelsea xo

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