January 19, 2015


Yesterday, January 18th, was our first wedding anniversary. One year ago we stood in front of a room full of our family and friends and promised our love and commitment to one another forever. This moment had been so many years in the making, and to think that it has already been a whole year since we said, "we do," just blow my mind! Our first year of marriage was such a blessing, and while life threw a few ups and downs our way, it was nothing that we couldn't handle together. 

To celebrate our special day, we made a reservation at a new-to-us restaurant, dressed up in our wedding colors (blue, grey and yellow - my hair stood in the for the yellow ;) ) and shared the most delicious dinner, dessert and coffee - of course. We also took these sweet and silly photos to commemorate the occasion, ya know - for our future grandkids!

Thank you to everyone who wished us a very happy anniversary and celebrated our special day with us! We appreciate your kind and thoughtful words more than you know.

And with that said -
John Scott, I'm so honored to be your wife. Here's to a million more!

With all my love,
Chelsea xo


  1. Aw, happy anniversary you two!!! Looking absolutely adorable... and Chelsea, THOSE SHOES!! <3

  2. I love these pics, especially the goofy one!! Happy anniversary love birds :)

  3. Happy Anniversary!! So I have to ask, is he tall or are you short?? Your height difference is similar to that of me and my partner! In our case, he's the tall one.

  4. It's terribly belated, but happy anniversary!

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