February 3, 2015


A new coffee shop opened up in our tiny downtown - Peixoto Coffee! Downtown Chandler has been severely lacking a good coffee shop, so when Scott and I saw their coming soon sign (check out the photo + Scott's pure excitement here) we literally jumped for joy. While their windows were covered up at the time, I may have tried to peek through so I could get a sneak peek of the inside -- the view of the wooden tables and unique lightening sold me right then. 

After posting that photo on Instagram, we connected with the sweet owners and were invited to their upcoming Friends and Family opening -- a dream come true for these coffee lovers who were keen on getting one of their very first brews. 

The opening came and the coffee shop was absolutely packed - wall to wall people, which was an awesome sight to see. After admiring the space for a bit, complete with church pews, industrial lighting and vintage chairs, we perused the menu and ordered a few of our favorites - a pour over and a hot americano. 

The husband and wife team who opened this charming coffee shop were there all day to greet customers and share the story of their family coffee bean business. Their Brazilian roast, which is what they use for their drip delicious coffee, comes straight from their family's farm in the Alta Mogiana region of Brazil. With a 100 years of tradition in the crop-to-cup method, it's easy to see how passionate they are and how much pride Peixoto takes in each cup they make. 

Since their soft opening, we've been back every day! They're coffee is amazing, the atmosphere is top-notch and the staff there is so, so nice. If you live in the Phoenix area, Peixoto Coffee is definitely a must try - you won't be disappointed. 

Have you recently discovered a new favorite coffee shop? What's your go-to coffee drink?
-Chelsea xo

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  1. Could not agree more!
    A lovely place with warm, friendly, people.
    Such a great addition to downtown.
    So glad to have them in Chandler!