February 16, 2015


Happy day, darlings! I hope ya'll had a lovely dovey Valentine's Day and a wonderful weekend. Scott and I had such a fun and low-key Valentine's celebration, which included wandering around our local farmer's market, citrus picking, lunch at the famous Joe's Farm Grill (for reals - it was on DD&D) and hitting our hearts out at Top Golf. Our day was full of spur of the moment decisions, which made for the most wonderful day date. I know that sometimes we struggle with unique date ideas (after almost a decade of being together, it happens), so I thought it would be fun to share our citrus pickin' date in hopes that it might inspire your next date with your hubby/wife/sweetheart/significant other! Because, ya know, we all need a little help and inspiration sometimes.

At a local farm, The Farm at Agritopia to be exact, they open up to the public a few times a season for U-Pick. Before you enter the orchards you can purchase a $5/lb pound or a $10/lb bag to hold all pickins'. Since citrus is in abundance right now, we could pick from orange, lemon, tangelos, blood oranges trees and more. During difference months you can also pick apples, plums and peaches here as well. So after we purchased our five pounder at got our tree map, we headed out to pick the perfect pieces of citrus.

Agritopia offers so many different kinds of oranges and lemons. Scott and I wanted to make sure we got a good variety, so we picked a few from just about every other tree in the grove. The giant lemons were probably my favorite because they reminded me of the ones I saw hanging all around in Sorrento, Italy!

While there weren't any peaches ready yet, there were plenty of peach blossoms to admire! Peaches are harder to grow in our dry desert climate, so seeing these blossoms felt like a real treat.

Truth be told, I had the best time getting all turned around in the citrus groves with my honey. It was the most beautiful day that we've had in ages, and it felt so good to be out and doing something fun and unique together. I know that it's so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of every day life, but taking a a few hours to enjoy life outdoors with the ones you love is such a refreshing experience!

After our bag was full to the brim, we made our way to the exit of the groves and walked away with the biggest smiles on our faces. The next time Agritopia has their U-Pick open we'll definitely be back - hopefully next time they have peaches galore (my favorite fruit ever!). I know that many of you are getting hit hard by lots of snow right now, but I hope this post inspires you for your next warm weather date with your honey. Let me know if you plan on trying out this date idea soon!

-Chelsea xo


  1. This looks like so so much fun!! Maybe I'll convince Ryan to head that direction one weekend for a trip :)

  2. Oh how beautiful! I wish there were such cheerfully colored delicious things growing here, but right now the only thing that grows are snowbanks!! This makes me want to endeavor to get out of the city this summer and go berry picking though :)