March 15, 2015


Happy Sunday, darlings! I'm headed to CAMP Texas Style Council in a matter of days and I am SO excited to finally have a sleep-away camp experience. I grew up traveling a lot with my folks in the summertime, so camp was never really in the cards for me. For years I obsessed over shows like Bug Juice and movies like The Parent Trap and Troop Beverly Hills and always dreamed of going away to camp to take part in all those activities that felt like a right of passage growing up.

And now, at the bold age of 26, I'm going to camp for very first time! To make sure I take part in all of those activities that I've dreamed of for years and years now, I've got a short to-do list that will make all my camp dreams come true. So, without further adieu ---

1. Eat Oreos with a side of peanut butter - Parent Trap style!
2. Have a campfire sing-along.
3. Giggle with all my fellow campers late into the night.
4. Sing Cookie Time - Troop Beverly Hills style!
5. Watch the sunrise from the porch of our cabin.
6. Jump in the lake with all my clothes on (ok, ok -- maybe not quite that one!).
7. Make everlasting friendships.
8. Sip coffee around the bonfire with my girl scouts.
9. Take more photos than I ever thought I could to commemorate this magical experience.
10. Leave camp feeling refreshed and inspired!

What is/would be on our camp to-do list? Have you ever attended sleep-away camp before? Tell me about it!
-Chelsea xo


  1. Oreos with peanut butter are second only to Thin Mints with peanut butter in my "things that go with peanut butter" list of love. I hope you had a blast at CAMP!

  2. How about roasted marshmallows? And this seems so exciting! Pretty stoked for you yay!

  3. Cant wait to hear mroe about your time at camp! it sounds awesome! :) x