April 1, 2015


Where do I even begin? Well, I've said it before and I'll said it again, CAMP Texas Style Council was everything that I hoped for and more. I've been home from CAMP for almost two weeks now and it still feels like I just left -- the experiences, the people, the sisterhood, the lessons and the coffee have all stayed close to my heart and mind.

One of my most favorite moments from CAMP was when I finally met Indiana, the mastermind behind Texas Style Council. She welcomed me straight off the shuttle with a giant hug and the sweetest words. Her kindness really set the stage for the whole weekend, and I couldn't be more thankful for the time that I got to spend with her. She and her amazing team worked SO hard to put together such a creative, comfortable and educational weekend, and deserve all the love and support for making CAMP happen. For reals, though, check out these ladies and all of their awesome endeavors! 

The word "tribe" and talk of sisterhood were brought up a lot during camp. Going into CAMP, I already felt like I had a strong connection with a few of the ladies who were going to be there like Tieka, Savannah, Jenny and Jen. We've all spent years blogging alongside one another, sharing our daily lives, celebrating the big and small moments together in life and continuing to be supportive of one another even when it was easy to be jealous or greedy. Jen, Amy and Julie actually spoke about this during their session, one of my favorites during weekend, and how they turned their online friendship into a loving, real life support system - a tribe, their tribe. Jen was even in Julie's wedding -- a cherished moment that I can wholeheartedly relate to because I met my best friend and own beautiful bridesmaid, Courtney, through my blog back in the day. This space really has blessed me with some amazing friendships, experiences and support over the years, and it's those things that keep me going and wanting to be here. Each and everyone one of you are amazing, kind and thoughtful and I feel like I can't thank you enough for your support over the years and being in my tribe. 

Ok, now I'm getting a little teary eyed over here! I'm going to take a little break and finish up the second half of my recap shortly! Also, thank you to Chelsea Laine Francis for letting me use some of her darling photos from camp!
-Chelsea xo

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