April 6, 2015


Hey loves! I'm back with the final part of my TxSC15 recap. Like I mentioned in my last post, I felt like I had too many things to say and share about from my days at CAMP to jam it all into one post. I still plan on sharing a few outfit shots that Tieka took -- frizzy hair and all, but otherwise, I've wrapped up TxSC15 below.

Going into camp, I was slightly nervous about feeding my daily caffeine addiction, but the coffee, oh the coffee was amazing! TOMS provided the coffee and kept us all happy and caffeinated the entire weekend. I actually had never tried TOMS coffee before going to TxSC15, but since having my first sip overlooking the beautiful Texas scenery, I've become hooked. If you haven't tried their coffee yet, you can pick up some from their website or stop by one of their coffee shops across the US. 

During the first full evening with all the campers, we had a craft night mixer in the coziest cabin. A lot of the CAMP sponsors had a booth setup with some kind of fun craft to do, which in turn you earned a button or "badge" for completing. Savannah and Jenny of Maiedae partnered up with Squarespace and had the most darling space at the mixer. I was really looking forward to meeting these two lovely ladies,  as we've also known each for years and have partnered together in more ways than one. It's really easy to say that they are two of the kindest souls I met at camp and I feel so thankful for the time I got to spend with them. They're incredible women and if you've never checked out their site before (which I'm sure you have), you definitely should -- especially their print shop and Savannah's YouTube channel!

The main focus of this year's conference was centered on creating a meaningful presence online and offline. Bethany Joy of TOMS, who is a very sweet, thoughtful and genuine lady that I was extra thankful I got to meet, spoke to this concept during her keynote session. She not only talked about TOMS and their mission of doing good and better the lives of others, but also about her own family's legacy and how she is working to uphold it by doing something meaningful and bringing joy to others. Her keynote discussion was definitely my favorite of the whole conference and left me feeling very inspired.

Oh, these two ladies - Nicole and Chelsea! They kept me laughing and practically crying throughout the whole time we were at camp. I had only recently connected with both of them online before headed out to Texas, but they made me like we had all been friends for years. Chelsea is a talented photographer and Nicole writes about weddings for a living -- talk about dream jobs right there! Now, if I can only convince them to take a road trip headed south to visit me for a couple days -- one day, one day!

This photo --- I can't even remember what the lady behind the camera was doing, but she was cracking me up! Anyways, I was also so happy to finally meet Liz while at CAMP. Liz and I have also been blogging in the same circle for years now, but we also have a pretty special person in common -- our wedding photographer, Sarah! Liz was so nice and so full of spunk -- just like you would imagine her from reading her blog. She's planning on taking another big road trip in her old skool Winnebago this fall, so I'm excited to see her when she stops in Arizona. 

Out of all the new brands and businesses I was introduced to, Tagspire was by far my favorite. I could write a whole post on their platform, but basically they make your lifestyle shareable and shoppable online. Their app is launching later this spring, but you can sign up for an account now and get started sharing all kinds of things you love. Don't forget to follow me when you sign up!

(Stephanie, myself, Chelsea & Tieka)

Ok, I'm going to wrap this all up by saying I feel incredibly blessed to have been a part of such an amazing conference and the legacy that will live on with it. I gained so much from this experience and I'll forever be thankful and indebted to Indiana and her wonderful team for making this happen! TxSC, you will be sorely missed, but never forgotten!

With all my love,


  1. So glad you had a chance to go to txsc. I loved going a few years ago and was totally bummed I couldn't make it work again. Sigh! But such a treat getting to read your post and hear all about it!! xo

  2. It was so great to meet you at TxSC and to have a little chat in the airport! You were such a great den mother! :)