May 20, 2015


Almost every Saturday morning, Scott and I visit our local farmer's market to pick up some fresh veggies, in-season fruit and the occasional pain au chocolat. My mom is also a huge farmer's market fan, so on Mother's Day weekend we all piled into the car and drove down to the market to purchase our weekly goods and do a little extra strolling, snacking and chatting along the way.

I often get told that I look SO much like my mom (which is a huge compliment!). What do you think? ;)

Scott and I definitely have our routine when it comes to our weekly trips to the market. First we grab a couple of coffee's,  then we usually head toward the Proof Bread booth just hoping that they still have a few pain au chocolats left. After Proof, we take a lap around the market and then hit up our two favorite veggie booths for eggs, carrots and anything else that we might want to eat throughout the week (we're not great meal planners around here, but we do love having fresh produce and fruit on-hand). 

I guess you could say that these are my farmer's market digs -- super comfy and casual, with a big hat to keep the sun off my face. Since this beautifully breezy morning the weather has definitely warmed up, so I'll probably be ditching the jacket for our next trip the market. No promises, though! Ya'll know how much I love my layers (even when I'm sweating through them -- the curse of a layer loving gal).

Outfit Details:
Etsy Circle Necklace (similar)
Nordstrom Rack Utility Jacket (similar and on sale!)

Scott and I are slowing adjusting to post-grad life over here, so we've been relaxing whenever we can, going on coffee dates and thanking around lucky stars that neither of us have to do homework EVER again. Well, as long as we don't pursue our Doctorate degrees, that is. Never say never, right? ;)

I would love to hear about your favorite farmer's market, so leave a comment and let a lady know!
Happy day, sweet friends!
-Chelsea xo


  1. I love farmers' markets! All of them. For real. As long as they have great local produce and some treats and sweets, I'm a happy girl. :)

  2. Absolutely love this. We have a similar routine. We visit the Soulard Farmer's Market in St. Louis. A memorable experience, always, and great time with our lil family!

  3. You look exactly like her! I wish our farmer's market had more to offer. At least we have yummy barbeque sauce yum