June 16, 2015


Before the sweltering heat kicked in (for reals, yesterday was 109 degrees -- woof!), Scott and I spent an afternoon picking apples at the farm at Agritopia. You may be thinking -- apples? I know, it's a bit early, but because of our mostly hot spring/summer days we have to get our picking in before the summer really fires up and while the apples are ripe for the picking. Anyways, Scott and I had the best time wandering around the apple orchard, picking apples, juggling a few here and there, and see how high we can get them to go in the air. ;)

Outfit Details:

We ended up picking a couple pounds of apples, which were all pretty tart -- so Scott made us the most amazing apple pie, apple + grilled cheese sandwiches, apple salads and so many more delicious savory and sweet dishes. I feel like I'm teasing my midwest and east coast friends with our crazy-early apples, but I promise, friends, your time to pick those delicious green and red apples will come. Until then, we'll just be here soaking in the sun and enjoying summer to the fullest! Have I mentioned that were headed to San Diego on Thursday for a mini-getaway? We can't wait and would love any suggestion you may have!

Have a great week, ya'll!
-Chelsea xo

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  1. Love that free people slip, so darling and the colour is perf. Enjoy your trip and this day looks so fun!! Yay, loving all that summer weather! <3