June 11, 2015


Hello, Thursday? Wow! This week has literally gone by in a flash! I had all intentions of blogging Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday --- but, sometimes life gets busy and you find yourself sleeping on the couch at 9pm (or out at a super awesome dinner party that you just couldn't say no to!). Anyways, it's Thursday and I'm happy to be here! We've been having the most beautiful days around here, the kind that are the envy of all dessert dwellers out there -- 90's in the day and 80's in the evening -- do we really live in Arizona? With that said, I did roll out of bed this morning to find bright and shining skies and no clouds in sight. Even though it may be HOT today, it's going to be a great one --  I can feel it!

Outfit Details:
HD in Paris Pina Dress (here's the top version!)
Madewell Holepunch Flats (this season's and super similar!)

I wore this dress to Scott's Grad School graduation (which was already a month ago - wow!). I had been eyeing it every time I took through a stroll through Anthropologie, so once I found it on sale I knew I had to make it mine. Well, that and after Scott told me that he really loved seeing me in white dresses, swoon! It's a bit fancy for every day wear, but I love it for special occasions and maybe even a fancy dinner or too. Scott and I are planning a mini-getaway right now and this darling dress will definitely be making its way into my suitcase for a fancy dinner with my love.

Are you planning any summer getaways? Please share!
-Chelsea xo

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