June 30, 2015


If you've ever taken a peek at my Instagram, you know that my day almost always involves a stop at Peixoto Coffee! I wrote my first post about Peixoto Coffee back in February when their doors first opened, and since then I've spent countless mornings, afternoons and evenings sipping coffee in this darling shop in Downtown Chandler. Scott and I have also created a strong bond and friendship with the owners (Jeff and Julia, an amazing husband and wife team), as well as with their talented baristas and even a few other Peixoto regulars. To say that we're dedicated to this coffee is an understatement, but alas, I'm sure you've already gathered that if you follow me on social media. ;) So, I'm back today to share their story once again, and to encourage all of you stop by Peixoto Coffee the next time you're in Chandler!

For the past 150 years, the Peixoto family has been upholding their crop-to-cup tradition. Located in the Southeast region of Brazil, the Peixoto family farm grows every Brazilian coffee bean that makes its way into the shop. Along with the coffee that they serve from their family farm, they also serve other single-origin coffees, espresso-based drinks, cold-brew (my favorite!), cascara (delicious iced tea), their own version of an Arnold Palmer and other signature iced beverages (like coconut iced coffee and Nitro cold brew!) -- any of which would be delicious during these hot summertime days.

Peixoto Coffee not only offers delicious and unique drinks, they also have a cozy space with lots of seating (most of it vintage or re-style by the owners) and are completely kid-friendly. Jeff and Julia's have two littles of their own and know how important it is to have a space where you can not only sit and enjoy, but your kids too. The service they provide is also top-notch, so if you're on the go and just want stop in for a quick iced coffee to-go, their awesome baristas will have it out to have you as quickly as you ordered it -- so nice when you're on the run, but want to support your favorite local shop!

Since the summer heat has hit us in full-force, Scott I have been stopping in at Peixoto during the mornings for an iced coffee, and then sometimes in the evening too for a little pick-me-up and a cold drink. Peixoto recently released their Nitro cold brew (think a frothy and smooth iced coffee), and Scott and I are both big fans! Our usual drink order is a large cold brew, but sometimes it's nice to venture out and get something different. On this day I had a yummy cappuccino, but next time we go (straight from the plane on Sunday, I'm sure!) I plan on having a coconut cold brew -- YUM! 

Peixoto Coffee is open seven days a week and is always hosting pop-up shops and local events in their lounge space. Their next event is their "Summer Coffee Happy Hour" on Friday, July 10th from 4-8pm! You can find out more about their store hours, events, their darling coffee shop and even purchase beans (for all of your out-of-towners) on their website! Also don't forget to like their Facebook page, also check out their awesome coffee photos and tweets on Instagram and Twitter. If you live locally, make sure you stop in at Peixoto the next time you're in Chandler! I hope to see so many of you there in the near future!

Also, a big thank you goes out to Peixoto Coffee for sponsoring this post! Thank you for supporting me in doing what I love -- and always keeping me highly caffeinated! 

-Chelsea xo

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