July 23, 2015


While on our San Diego getaway, taking a trip to Coronado Island was on the top of our "must-do" list. As a kid I had visited this little island town with my family, and had actually been back for a quick trip in December of last year, but Scott had never been before, so we thought it made perfect sense to spend the majority of one of our days taking in the sea and sights of Coronado Island. After failing to find any street parking while circling Hotel del Coronado, we caved and spent a silly amount of money to park close-by in an underground garage and then headed toward the beach!

We took a few minutes to walk along the beach and scope out the perfect spot to lay out our towels and set up our umbrella (best, last-minute Target purchase ever!). With the Hotel Del in the background, we laid out our beach towels and applied SPF 100 (truly!) before walking toward the ocean for our first real dip in the Pacific. 

The water was COLD! Now I knew it would be cool, but I didn't quite expect the numbness that overcame my whole body the second the water hit above my belly. The last time I took a dip in the ocean was well over a year ago in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and I guess I was secretly hoping it would be the same (gorgeous - yes, warm - NO!). Coldness aside, it felt so good to take a dip in the water and splash through the ocean together. 

Outfit details:
H&M Swim Top (similar!)
Forever 21 Swim Bottoms (similar!)

After spending a few hours along the shore, Scott and I packed up and headed toward the hotel for a sweet treat -- frozen yogurt for him, ice cream for me. We spent a few minutes wandering through the ornate hotel, which was built in 1888 and is said to be haunted by the ghost of Kate Morgan, a hotel guest who's cause of death will never quite be known. Spookiness aside, we had a beautiful beach day on Coronado Island and will definitely be going back one day soon. 
-Chelsea xo


  1. Coronado Island is beautiful, the beach, the little town, everything! I love it! And yes the water is so COLD, I rarely ever get in the water but laying out is my jam! :)

    1. Yes, Coronado is so, so beautiful! Definitely planning on just laying out next time were there! haha :)

  2. Girl you look fabulous in that swimsuit!! Sounds like a super fun trip.

    1. AWHHH! Thank you so much, sweet Kara! Miss you! <3