July 8, 2015


A few weeks back, Scott and I took a last-minute trip to San Diego. We've been talking about making the five hour drive down to the coast for years now, and since this is the summer of travel -- we decided to just GO. We booked a rental car, as well as cozy studio through airbnb, and were headed out the door and toward the ocean before we knew it. On our very first morning in San Diego, we woke up to the most beautiful fog. Our airbnb had the most beautiful canyon view, but at this moment it was hard to see more than twenty feet in front of your face. Being the desert gal I am (who rarely gets to experience fog), I woke Scott up from his sweet slumber and insisted that he follow me outside.

The fog felt refreshing, sending of a wave of calm energy that really set the tone for our whole trip. While our plans for the weekend were busy and full of adventure, we stayed calm and relaxed -- which made for an even more wonderful trip. 

If you're curious, this is the airbnb we stayed in -- secluded studio with canyon view. Our hosts were amazing, and I would definitely stay there again.

Have you ever used airbnb before? This was our second time using it, as we stayed in an airbnb while in San Francisco for our honeymoon.

Happy day, friends!
-Chelsea xo

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  1. I love the fogginess of those photos so much! And aren't airbnb's the coolest thing ever? I always have a great experience and want to travel out west and ONLY stay in campgrounds and airbnbs. DREAM.