July 28, 2015


If I'm being honest, date night is a favorite around here. Usually on Tuesday or Wednesday nights, we go out for an evening of good food and good company (sometimes it's just us, sometimes we go out with our friends). Last week Scott and I decided to go out for Taco Tuesday at one of our favorite local taco shops -- Joyride Taco! After a long work day for the both of us, it was exactly what we needed to take a break -- yummy food, a few laughs and each other. 

Scott and I have always been pretty good about going out for date nights, but sometimes when life gets too busy we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of things. For us, date night can consist of trips to get coffee, walking around the mall, a dinner date at one of our favorite restaurants, or even just making dinner at home and spending quality time together. However, you look at it, for us, date night is more so just about spending quality time together -- whether that be over dinner and a movie, or just a walk around Target. I love the thought of always dating your spouse, but don't like to make it overcomplicated. My motto is and always will be, "do what's best for you and our family." Anyone else agree? xo 

Truth be told, during most of our "photoshoots" Scott and I always end up making a funny face or two, or even jumping around to get the perfect floating shot. Scott was pretty proud of the photo above, tongue sticking out and all, haha. I really should have posted the outtakes from my jumping photo, though, but we'll just say that I definitely looked more like a robot than a moon walking lady. ;)

After a 20 minute wait (Taco Tuesday at Joyride is always busy -- so get there early!), we sat down at our table and enjoyed some chips and salsa while we waited for our tacos to arrive. They serve delicious, homemade chips, which we usually devour a basket full of before our meals even arrive. I always end up too full to finish my tacos + a side of yummy black beans after all the chips, but they're so worth it!

Joyride also serves delicious Agua Frescas (alcoholic and non!). My favorite is the cucumber mint, but I hear that every one they serve is just as yummy and fresh. What kind of agua frescas do you enjoy?

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We're always look for new "date night" ideas, so I would love to hear your favorites! We love going to the movies, eating out, walking around the mall (for reals -- we're those kind of mall walkers), and running around our local desert track. Also, do you have a Taco Tuesday tradition? Tell me all about it!
-Chelsea xo

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