July 27, 2015


Hello! This weekend was a whirlwind, but I'm back tonight to share one of our last adventures from our California adventure. On our last morning in the golden state, we visited one of our dearest friends, Courtney, for a quick coffee date before she headed into work. Per Courtney's suggestion, we decided to drive up to La Jolla before hitting the road home. With hopes of spotting sea lions and taking in a gorgeous view, we headed toward the cove -- up and down a windy road until the ocean was finally in view once again.

It had been years since I had last been in La Jolla, so we'll just that this time around it felt like a whole new experience -- wandering around the gorgeous cove and rocky shores with my sweet husband by side couldn't have felt more right. 

During our entire trip, Scott and I did our best to take a photo of a lifeguard station at every beach we visited. Well, the photo series didn't turn out quite as planned, but we did think this one was pretty cool -- not really the picture-esque ones you always seem to see in engagement photos, or on Laguna Beach, though. ;)

Outfit Details:

To wrap up our California adventure, I'm hoping to a share fun video of our trip very soon. I've really been missing making + editing videos, and also being involved in the YouTube community. I've been planning a comeback to my channel, but would love any and all suggestions on what kind of videos I should focus on. Beauty favs? Summer picks? Fashion favorites? Let me know what you think!

Hope ya'll had a wonderful Monday! Here's to an amazing week!
-Chelsea xo

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