July 13, 2015


Hello, friends! On our first full day in San Diego, after the fog had finally settled, we headed to Sunset Cliffs to take in the sights and get our first peek at the Pacific Ocean. A couple of our friends had suggested we check out this gorgeous look-out point, and while it was a bit of a drive from our airbnb, it was definitely worth the trip. We parked our car about a mile away from what looked like the main look-out on the map, and took a nice long walk along the coast.

The views from along the cliffs were simply breathtaking -- crashing waves, endless ocean and a few hidden beaches along the way. While the fog had burned mostly off, a blanket of clouds remained, giving us a shady, yet very muggy, walk along the cliffs.

Truth be told, I could have could sat on the cliffside and stared out into the ocean all day. There's just something so calming and peaceful about the ocean waves, crashing back and forth and moving the tide along the way. It may sound silly, but to me, there's nothing better than being surrounded by open water. It may be because I grew up a desert rat and didn't have the luxury of high-tailing it to the beach whenever I felt like it, but even if I did -- I have a feeling the ocean, water and waves would always be a few of my favorite things.

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If you're ever in San Diego, I highly suggest making the trek out to Sunset Cliffs. I wish we would have had time to come back when it was actually sunset, but alas, it was still insanely beautiful and breathtaking. On a side note, today has been a bit of a crazy day and I would do just about anything to be back here enjoying this view, listening to the waves as they crash against the cliffs, and maybe even sneaking a kiss, or two, from my love as we just breathed it all in.

Be back soon!
-Chelsea xo

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