August 4, 2015


Hello, friends! I hope your August is off to a smashing start! Right before the new month started, Scott and I went out for a little date night to one of our favorite local restaurants -- Liberty Market! After I finished up my work on Friday, I threw on this summer dress, my favorite denim jacket and my go-to strappy sandals and then we headed out the door. Since we're in the middle of Monsoon season, I knew there would be a chance that it would rain that evening, but I didn't expect the downpour that we ended up getting caught in while walking (errrr-running) into the restaurant. Most of these photos were taken post-rainstorm/while it was sprinkling, so please don't mind the raindrops and frizzy hair! ;)

Since we hit up the early bird special at Liberty, we ordered and got to our seat in record time (a rarity on a Friday night -- locals, you know what I mean!). Thanks to the gloomy skies and torrential downpour, Scott and I decided a couple of cortaditos were needed to "warm us up!" Liberty makes the best cortaditos (expresso + milk + raw sugar), and I highly suggest them to any and all coffee drinkers. Beware though, they're strong! 

For dinner, I went with my usual -- the farmer sandwich with no roasted red peppers and sweet potato salad, and Scott got the pizza special of the evening -- chicken and veggies! Both were SO delicious, in fact, I barely got a bite of Scott's pizza before he completely devoured it! While eating dinner we also ran into two different sets of friends, one of which ended up having dessert with us later. I love how Liberty has such a fun of bringing people together, and always makes you feel so welcome and right at home. Not gonna lie, I can be very picky when it comes to restaurants (the food, atmosphere, even the table we sit at), but Liberty never disappoints! 

Outfit Details:
Madewell Silk Dress (similar + on sale!)
Madewell Sightseer Sandals (similar!)

While Scott and I love going out for dinner, we're also pretty into making and having dinner at home together -- which is exactly what we did tonight. We had veggies and rice, and may have gotten a couple of yummy drinks at Sonic after our usual, two-mile evening walk. It felt extra hot and muggy tonight (my car said it was 104 degrees outside - woof!), so an icy cold drink afterward was a must! Have a great Wednesday, ya'll!
-Chelsea xo

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