August 24, 2015


Another August weekend has come and gone, just as fast as this entire month has seemed to slip away from us. We had a busy weekend, full of celebrations, time with family and friends and even a couple hours spent deep cleaning our home. On Friday, we had a date night at one of our favorite local taco shops -- SoCal Tacos in downtown Gilbert. After we chowed down on their delicious fish and chips, street tacos and clam chowder, we took a walk around downtown to check out the Friday Night Food Trucks and decide if we were too full for dessert (we may have headed home after that and frozen yogurt -- yum, haha!). 

On Saturday we had breakfast at home, complete with three different kinds of homemade pancakes -- original, peanut butter chip and pear! They were SO delicious, and now I'm thinking we need to make this a Saturday morning tradition -- next weekend we're making pumpkin spice pancakes! After we finished up breakfast, we headed to downtown Mesa to take part in the light rail opening festivities (they just extended our light rail through downtown -- a much needed update that I'm hoping will bring a lot more life back into the city). We picked up our Churn ice cream and then took a walk through all the booths they had set up and down Main Street. Later in the afternoon, we had lunch with a few sweet friends, perused the mall for a bit, had an early dinner at Liberty Market and then made our way back to downtown Mesa for their Night Market! Looking back, we had a very long and hot day out in the sun, but we really had so much fun so it was completely worth it! 

Outfit Details:

We spent most of Sunday cleaning and running errands -- our usual jam. We had dinner with our favorite Saco/Brumett/Essa bunch, and then headed home to watch House Hunters -- our friend Sarah's sister and her husband were on a new episode and we just had to watch. We may have fallen asleep a little too early, but the heat and sun sure wore us out. Now we're all rested up and ready for another busy day of work, more errands and hopefully a walk around our favorite desert park after the sun goes down! 

I also wanted to give a big shout out to my sweet friend Brittany for giving me the most magical fishtail braid I've ever seen! She's an amazing hair stylist, so if you're local and ever need an amazing cut, color, style or fishtail braid -- Britt's your lady! 

Have a great day, ya'll!


  1. this lighting! your hair is so pretty like this & pear pancakes sound SO good.
    x rebecca @