August 17, 2015


Hello! This weekend was a HOT one -- record breaking, in fact, but that didn't slow us down one bit! On Friday we celebrated our dear friend Nadia's birthday at our fav restaurant, Liberty Market. Nadia has such a kind, loving and caring soul, so it felt extra special to be able to celebrate and shower her with love, family + friend time and a few presents! My 27th year is already off to a great start, and I have a feeling that her's will be extra wonderful as well! On Saturday, we continued the celebrations with the Saco family and hit up the Gilbert Farmer's Market on what must have been the hottest morning of the year -- no joke! We made the best it of it, though, and bought a few yummy goodies from Proof Bread and then had brunch at Postinos. These photos were actually taken last weekend when we had brunch at Liberty, but I didn't think you would mind! ;) 

Sunday is errand day around the Goodson household, so we stopped by Peixoto Coffee for their Brazilian breakfast, and then headed out to Frances in Phoenix to drop off an order of Scott/Citizen Home Decor's state coasters (the last batch went SO fast, so if you're wanting a set, I would suggest heading down to Frances ASAP!). We spent the rest of the day deep cleaning, grocery shopping and having family dinner with the Saco/Essa/Brumett bunch! 

Let me just put this out there -- you can NEVER go wrong with breakfast at Liberty Market! Their veggie scramble is my favorite and their service is top notch! 

Outfit Details: 

It's Monday and we're back to our weekly routine. We don't have many plans during the week, but we're really excited about the Churn Ice Cream Social this Saturday in downtown Mesa. If you're local, be sure to come down and support! My hometown is working hard to bring some amazing restaurants and livelihood back into the city, which is especially important now that the light rail is set to opened through Mesa any day now. I'm all about supporting in any way I can, and can't wait to see my hometown culture continue to grow, grow, grow! Ok, have a great day, friends!
-Chelsea xo


  1. Chelsea, you rock the casual chic better than any one I know! Can you please come to NC and be my personal stylist? Thanks!

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