August 19, 2015


Hello! Question -- how is it already the 19th of August? This month is going by SO fast, which on one hand I'm super thankful for (cooler weather, come soon!), but on the other hand, I'm like slow down, summer! The past week has been one of the hottest we've had in years, so other than venturing out to take photos when the sun is almost down, we've been hiding out indoors as much as possible. A few nights ago we did take a walk to this wild sunflower field near our house, which was filled with the most gorgeous light (and way too many bugs -- haha!).

Other than hiding from the heat, we haven't been up to much this week. We've both been pretty busy with work, so its been nice to come home and just veg out for the evening and watch the Real Housewives together (shhh -- don't tell Scott and I told you that!). I'm looking forward to *hopefully* a cooler weekend with good friends, an ice cream social and an evening farmer's market in my cute hometown. Until then, I'll be sitting in front of the fan with a giant diet cherry limeade from Sonic in hand -- my go-to drink (other than iced coffee!) during the summer months!

Outfit Details:
Nordstrom Blouse (similiar!)
Sperry Flats (similiar!)

Today I'm looking forward to Donut Wednesday at the office (donuts make every work day that much better!), sipping on lots of yummy coffee and then hopefully doing something fun tonight (movies, anyone? summer is the best time for movie-goin'!). Have a great day, sweet friends!
-Chelsea xo

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