September 10, 2015


Hello! Happy Thursday, loves! Sorry for the crickets around here -- its been a whirlwind week and now I'm getting ready head to LA this morning for a blogger conference. The trip, itself, is going to be crazy busy and quick, as I'll be flying back home tomorrow night, but I'm excited for a fun adventure in LA/Hollywood and just hope that I get to make my way to a speciality coffee shop while I'm in town (fingers crossed for Intelligentsia, but tell me your favorites!). 

While I feel like this post is appropriately titled, I was so tempted to name it "breaking the rules," or "white after labour day." I've always disliked that so-called "fashion rule" and think it's just silly -- I love white clothing and tend to wear it all year long. Anyone else agree? I am looking forward to styling this dress up for autumn and winter with a pair of cozy tights, a chunky sweater and boots. It's no secret that autumn is my most favorite time of the year and I'm so excited that it's almost here -- 10 more days, my friends! 

Outfit Details:
Madewell Arrow Necklace (similar!)
Coach Classic Purse (similar + affordable!)

Ok -- time to finish packing, sip on more coffee and get my butt to LA! 
I hope ya'll have a wonderful day!
-Chelsea xo

PS I'm going to miss that cutie up there -- 9 years later and he still gives me butterflies! 


  1. Eeeeps, 10 more days till Autumn -- very excited about that! Enjoy your trip love, be sure to do some snappin' and a BIG yes to wearing white! xoxo

  2. I live in LA so I hope you enjoy your time here! Also, LA has several specialty coffee shops popping up. Intelligentsia is just okay but if you have time go over to Verve Coffee Roasters or Blue Bottle in Downtown LA or Document Coffee Bar in Koreatown.