September 28, 2015


Hello! It's Monday and I'm currently in need of ALL the coffee, haha. This weekend was such a great one, filled with lots of time spent with friends, trying out all of Peixoto Coffee's new fall drinks (their PSL is SO yummy) and seeing two of my all-time favorite bands -- Brand New and Jimmy Eat World. It really was a very special weekend, but since last week seem to zoom by so fast, I hardly had any time to share our pear and apple picking adventures at the cutest little orchard in Southern Arizona, so today I'm back tracking a bit and talking about how our spur of the moment, Sunday roadtrip made *almost* all my fall dreams come true! 

Right outside of Wilcox, Arizona is Apple Annie's Orchard -- an orchard and farm that I heard about a few years back, but either never had time to make the three hour drive down there or they were already close for the season when our schedules finally opened up. This year, though, we decided to head down there kind of spur of the moment after seeing a friend post about their experience at Apple Annie's on Facebook, and after hearing that this would be their last weekend for apple picking -- a fall tradition that we usually always miss out down here because apples picking tends to start in July locally (crazy, I know!). So early Sunday morning we packed up our car and headed toward Wilcox with dreams of apple cider donuts and apple/pear picking in a breezy orchard. 

Once we finally arrived at the orchard, after a few pit stops and a stop for apple pie (a must!), we spent a little while walking around and checking out their darling market store, the apple cider donut stand and starting to map out our plan of attack on the orchard -- pears first, then apples. Neither of us had actually picked pears before, so we decided to tackle that side of the orchard first before making our way over to the rows and rows of apples ahead of us. This orchard actually only grows asian pears, so we were a little surprised to find pears the size of apples lining the trees in front of us. Have you ever had an asian pear before? They're super yummy and would be delicious in a caramel pear tart or some kind of sweet pastry. We only ended up taking a few of those home, though, so they'll be going in salads and eaten as a late night snack!

Also, how perfect is it that my skirt from Modcloth's new line matches perfectly with those golden yellow pears? I'm a big fan of matching my surroundings, as ya'll know, but I swear I didn't plan this one -- we'll just say that it was meant to be! ;)


Outfit Details:
Target Hat (similar!)

I'll be back soon with more photos from our pear and apple picking adventures -- hoping to get them in before October rolls around later this week (SO crazy, where is the time going?). Have a lovely day, ya'll!
-Chelsea xo

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  1. I LIVE for adventures like this!! And yours looks absolutely perfect + so does that outfit. Just gorgeous, lovey! I'm a huge fan of mustard... and thinking I might need to nab this modcloth beauty for my closet. Hope you're having an amazing start to your week! xo