September 16, 2015


Hello, sweet friends! I'm back after a whirlwind trip to LA/North Hollywood. The last time I blogged I was sitting in the airport waiting for my flight, munching on gummy bears and nursing my bummed knee that I may have hurt after falling on my way out of airport security (promise I'm fine, just a little scary!). After hitting the ground in Phoenix, I took the biggest snooze in preparation for the weekend. Most of Saturday and Sunday was spent cleaning up around the house, running errands and seeing The Get Up Kids live. It's crazy to think that they've been going strong for the last 20 years, also even crazier to think how long I've been jamming out to their music --10? 15 years? I can't even remember at this point, but I do know that their music has always been special to me, so it was awesome to finally see them live!

Two weekends ago we spent some time up in Flagstaff at Fort Tuthill with my family. It was the most beautiful (and chilly!) weekend we've had in a long time, so it felt totally acceptable to throw on my new wool skirt from Modcloth's brand new line! Have you guys checked it out yet? I recently picked out two pieces from their namesake line and I am so, so impressed with each piece! Overall, the skirt is such great quality with the silkiest lining, perfect pockets, and is just the right length for the cooler months! I have a feeling I'll be wearing this skirt often -- well, as soon as the weather hits below 100 degrees in Phoenix, that is!

September feels like it's just zooming by -- like really, how are we already half way through the month? It's no lie that I'm really, really excited for October to be here because I LOVE Autumn, Halloween, and all the birthday celebrations that October brings for my family, but I am a little sad to see September just sliding right on by. I have been doing my best, though, to savor every cool morning and hot coffee moment -- we're SO close to autumn friends - I can feel it coming!

Target Fedora (similar!)
Madewell Arrow Necklace (similar!)
Mesa Booties c/o Minnetonka Moccasin (similar!)

I hope ya'll are having a lovely day! I think it's time to make another cup of coffee and jam out to my Fall Vibes playlist on Spotify -- a not so guilty pleasure of mine, lately! What's your favorite "autumn" song? I LOVE Never Meant by American Football and Thirteen by Ben Kweller! 

-Chelsea xo

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