November 25, 2015


My oh my, tomorrow is already Thanksgiving and I've yet to blog this week -- where has the time gone? Things have been crazy busy lately, but also crazy good. Things have been amazing at work, Scott and I have been prepping like crazy for Phoenix Flea and getting ready for Thanksgiving with our families, of course. This year we're headed to my cousin's house for an early dinner, and then headed to Scott's family afterward. Most of our family lives fairly close (all within the same city), so our driving is usually at a minimum on holidays and pretty stress-free -- just the way I like it! 

Tonight we have big plans to do some dinner prep and hopefully enjoy a fire with friends. This will be my first Thanksgiving as a gluten-free lady, so I'm taking some extra time to make a few dishes that I know I can enjoy, but also think that my family and friends will like as well -- like gluten-free stuffing, pecan or blueberry pie and maybe another goodie or two. During the holidays, I'm all about the sweets, which may be a challenge this year, but I'm up for it! Are there any other GF ladies or gents out there? If so, please share your favorite GF holiday dish with me, pretty please!

I picked up these darling constellation necklaces when I visited Moorea Seal's brick and mortar shop when we were in Seattle last month and I've been loving layering them together every day since. Scott and I had a light constellation theme for our wedding, so I feel like I'm going to be a forever fan of anything constellation. In case you're wondering, I'm a Taurus and Scott is a Scorpio and our zodiac signs were printed on our wedding invites, decor pieces and more at our wedding! 

Ok, I'm going to wrap this up and head out to start working on my holiday cooking and baking, but before I go, I just want to say how thankful I am for this amazing community we have here in the blogosphere. Thank you for supporting, encouraging and loving on me these past 6 1/2 years -- I couldn't have done this without all of your love and support! Happy Thanksgiving, loves! Here's to an amazing holiday weekend! 
-Chelsea xo

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  1. When did you go gluten free? And how did your goodies turn out? Love your outfit! :)