November 20, 2015


Happy FriYAY, friends! This is my last Seattle post (finally! haha), and I'm going to try and keep this pretty short since it's the weekend and I know many of you might be reading this post while riding in the car on the way to dinner or during a couple down minutes before your big night out (or while you're curled in your jammies with your kitties and Netflix -- like me, haha. Just kidding!). Anyways, on our last full day in Seattle we spent 5+ hours driving around my mom's old stomping grounds -- we saw her childhood home, my great grandparent's home, the park where she spent all of her summer days and the burger joint where her and my uncle ate at as kids. It was a lot of driving, and for a girl who gets awfully car sick -- we'll just say that I had a bad few hours haha. After we ended our journey down my mom's memory lane, we headed down to the Puget Sound (my favorite in Washington State) for a fancy fish dinner. While waiting for our food to come, Scott and I snuck out to a nearby shore and snapped these photos -- it was so beautiful and peaceful out there that I never wanted to leave. 

Hinge Utility Jacket (similar!)
REI Long Grey Sweater (similar!
Seychelles Scoundrel Booties

Our trip to Seattle is certainly one that I'll not soon forget. We're already trying to plan a trip back there in March of next year, so until then I'll be dreaming of this chilly autumn days, walks along the water and all the amazing experiences Scott and I got to have together. Add Seattle to your travel list, folks! You won't regret it! Ok, I'm headed out! I hope ya'll have a lovely and chilly weekend!
-Chelsea xo

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