December 21, 2015


Good morning, friends! It's Christmas week and I couldn't be more excited -- I LOVE this time of year and I'm so stoked to begin celebrating with all of our family and friends. While many of our loved ones live nearby (both sets of our parents live under 15 minutes away), we do have a select few that, sadly, live much further away than we would like -- and while I do love hosting our out-of-town guests, well -- we'll just say that our "guest room" has been a bit of an awkward situation up until recently. I would actually like to compare it to this funny photo I saw on the Sleep Innovations' Instagram that perfectly portrays our once guest sleeping situation -- except with blow up mattresses. Now, I know this works perfectly well for so many who only hosts guests once or twice a year, but after running into a similar situation earlier this year where Scott and I were met with the same fate -- we figured it was about time to do something about our own guest sleeping situation so that our guests will feel more at home during their time with us (the ultimate compliment, right?)!

Well, in big thanks to our new Sleep Innovations Mattress, I'm super excited because we finally have a comfy and cozy place for our out-of-towners to rest their heads while in the city for all the festivities. Truth be told, I thought about snapping a photo of the before, but I'm sure you can understand that the space was just a sight for sore eyes. To give you a visual of our process, we started by unboxing our brand new Sleep Innovations Alden 14 inch Memory Foam Mattress, which we picked because we read it was perfect for side sleepers (my sleeping style of choice!). After letting it breathe and fill out for about 48 hours, we set up the new metal bed frame we purchased for the room (inexpensive, lightweight and has room for storage underneath - bonus!), plopped the mattress on top of it -- and took a little rest on the comfy mattress before knocking out the rest of the room, haha.

About five minutes later, we were back up on our feet and putting a fresh set of white sheets over the mattress, along with a beloved bedding set that we've had since we first moved in together. After adding on a couple of "fluff pillows" and a cozy throw that my cousin gave us recently, we started adding in those little things that really makes a place feel like home. 

We started by hanging a few sets of Scott's Arizona ornament negatives next to the bed. These are usually just throw away pieces, but lately I've been loving the look of them and thought they would make a fun and personal decor piece.

A bed just isn't complete without a bench at the end of it! Using one of my favorite sheepskin rugs and a few odds and ends, we whipped together this little piece of the room quickly.

I get cold so easily, so I always want make sure that our guests have enough covers and blankets to stay cozy -- especially on these chilly December mornings. Fun fact -- Scott found this metal crate on my parent's property right after they bought it. It's from a local (and defunct) egg farm and is dated 1988, the same year I was born!

I was actually never a candle person growing up, but lately I've been loving Lindbergh Candle Co. and have been obsessed with their scent "cabin." It makes the whole room smell warm and sweet in an instance! 

After finishing up our new and improved guest room, I figured I better give the bed a test run before our first guests arrived. With a few books in tow, I was ready to spend the whole afternoon here (if I just didn't have that last minute Christmas shopping to do, you couldn't have made me move!).

Now that our guest room situation isn't so awkward, I have a feeling that we'll be hosting a lot more guest in the coming year. Are you hoping to do the same in 2016? In that case (or if you're in desperate need of a new mattress), don’t forget to enter Sleep Innovations’ giveaway by posting a picture of your own sleeping situation over the holidays using the hashtag #SINoPlaceLikeHome via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (last day to enter is 12/31/15). Participants will be entered to win one of five memory foam mattresses they're giving away to help makeover someone else's awkward sleeping situation over the holidays with a customized fit -- or with something else extra amazing, you never know! ;)

By entering the giveaway you're also helping to make a charitable donation, as Sleep Innovations will be donating $1 to Stand Up for Kids’ health and wellness program for every use of the #SINoPlaceLikeHome hashtag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from now until December 31. Sounds like a win, win situation to me!

Now, who's ready for the holidays? I would love to hear your plans, and even what your awkward sleeping situations are when you go home for the holidays.

Thanks to Sleep Innovations for sponsoring this post!
-Chelsea xo

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