December 30, 2015


Hello! I hope ya'll had an amazing Christmas and time well spent with your family and friends! Things have been a little quiet around here, but that's only because I've been doing the same -- trying to soak in every second of that holiday magic before it all washes away. However, I am really excited for the new year, but I'll save those thoughts for tomorrow's post! Anyways, I thought I would share a little update over the past few days, since I always love reading about what you guys are doing over the holidays! On Christmas Eve Eve, we drove about three hours south of Phoenix to Yuma, AZ to visit family and attend a Christmas get-together. We ended up staying the night in Yuma, and then headed back home on Christmas Eve morning -- we had actually stopped by the local swap meet before hitting the road, so I had a bag full of candy and I was all set for the long drive, haha. 

Once we got settled back in at home, we headed over to Scott's parents' house for an evening of celebrations. His family has always opened gifts on Christmas Eve, so it actually works of perfectly because we get to spend time with them, and then be with my folks on Christmas morning -- which is exactly what we did. After we had exchanged presents and filled up on quiche, cinnamon rolls and coffee that morning, we packed up and drove about an hour west to visit Scott's grandparents and to meet his family back over there for lunch! We spent a few hours visiting at their gorgeous property in the desert, and then headed back home for dinner with my folks -- it was a very busy couple of days, but it was also so much fun and the perfect way to spend the holidays (surrounded by the ones we love!).

Since Christmas, Scott and I have been working on a little pre-new years cleaning, planning our trip to Nashville next month (have I mentioned that we're headed there for our anniversary? we can't wait!), and also battling a couple of colds (Scott is feeling way worse, though -- poor guy). I've also been trying my best to go through my wardrobe lately, which is way more daunting than it should be. Ideally, I want pull out the things I love and know I'll wear often, and also put away those pieces that may be for a different season or just need to be donated. I've been loving the idea of doing a capsule wardrobe, and a few of my sweet friends, Tieka, Veronika and Indiana to be exact, have been rocking this concept lately, so I've been seriously living vicariously through them, haha. Now, if I can only convince myself that I actually NEED to do this, then we should be all set! ;) 

One thing I have been loving about my wardrobe lately, is this dainty, rose gold, full circle pendant that Shane Co. was sweet enough to gift me. It's been adding a rosey glow to my everyday wardrobe, and looks so pretty either worn separately or layered with another necklace or two. Shane Co. is actually where Scott and I's wedding rings are from, so I've been a big fan of theirs for a long time now. Every time we go in there the staff is always super sweet and helpful, and I know that we would both suggest them to anyone if they're in the market for a very special ring!

Outfit Details:
Madewell Sweater (similar!)
Coach Bucket Bag (similar!)

I would love to hear how your Christmas was and what you have planned for New Year's Eve! 
Talk soon, sweet friends!
-Chelsea xo


  1. So glad you hear you had such a great Christmas! I hope your new year is just as fabulous. You look gorgeous here! I honestly know you'd love a capsule wardrobe! I've been loving it. Incorporating one (if even) new piece a week is so fun too... I'd recommend doing that. ;)

  2. Sounds like a fabulous Christmas. You are so pretty!