March 25, 2015


Hey ya'll! I'm back home in Phoenix after a long weekend in Texas for CAMP Texas Style Council! Camp was honestly everything that I had hoped for and more. Not only did I fulfill my childhood dream of attending sleep away camp, but I also had the chance to meet so many amazing ladies that I've known and bonded with online for years and years now.

Out of the 200 ladies in attendance, I had only met one in real life (holla, Jessie!), so there were lots of people to meet and bond with throughout the weekend -- like Tieka, who I was lucky enough to have as one of my roommates. She's got the sweetest soul and made me feel instantly comfortable in our home away from home. She's an incredible lady and I hope our paths cross again one day soon! 

While I was at camp I also has the pleasure of meeting Chelsea Francis -- an amazing photographer with (no joke) THE cutest Southern accent. Chelsea and I had started talking on Twitter a few weeks back and before I knew it we were standing in the muddy woods of Spicewood, Texas together snapping photos and giggling over how I instantly moved into my poses (force of habit!) after she snapped my headshot, which she took for free for every lady that wanted one at the conference -- talk about gracious!

All photos kindly taken by Chelsea of Chelsea Laine Francis!

Outfit Details: Madewell Scarf, Madewell Necklace, Lucky Brand Sweater, Loft Jeans & Van's Sneakers.

Ever since arriving back in Phoenix on Sunday night I've been nursing a bad case of the post-camp blues. It hurts my heart that everyone lives so far a part, but I guess that just means I'll have to start taking regular road trips to visit these incredible ladies that I was able to bond with over coffee, comfy clothes and the thought that we're all in this together. 

I have so much more that I want to say and share about CAMP Texas Style Council, so I'll be back soon with more stories and photos from Camp Texlake!

-Chelsea xo

March 15, 2015


Happy Sunday, darlings! I'm headed to CAMP Texas Style Council in a matter of days and I am SO excited to finally have a sleep-away camp experience. I grew up traveling a lot with my folks in the summertime, so camp was never really in the cards for me. For years I obsessed over shows like Bug Juice and movies like The Parent Trap and Troop Beverly Hills and always dreamed of going away to camp to take part in all those activities that felt like a right of passage growing up.

And now, at the bold age of 26, I'm going to camp for very first time! To make sure I take part in all of those activities that I've dreamed of for years and years now, I've got a short to-do list that will make all my camp dreams come true. So, without further adieu ---

1. Eat Oreos with a side of peanut butter - Parent Trap style!
2. Have a campfire sing-along.
3. Giggle with all my fellow campers late into the night.
4. Sing Cookie Time - Troop Beverly Hills style!
5. Watch the sunrise from the porch of our cabin.
6. Jump in the lake with all my clothes on (ok, ok -- maybe not quite that one!).
7. Make everlasting friendships.
8. Sip coffee around the bonfire with my girl scouts.
9. Take more photos than I ever thought I could to commemorate this magical experience.
10. Leave camp feeling refreshed and inspired!

What is/would be on our camp to-do list? Have you ever attended sleep-away camp before? Tell me about it!
-Chelsea xo

March 13, 2015


Happy Friday, ya'll! I've been on a big beauty kick lately - organizing, picking out my spring favorites and make a few new purchases. I blogged about my #earlyspring lippy picks post earlier in the week (here!) and today I wanted to share my nail polish picks -- just for good measure. ;)

Julep's Joanna: A cool blue grey with a slight shimmer -- one of my favorite Julep polishes!

Essie's Bikini So Teeny: A cult classic and the prettiest blue. I'll wear this all spring and summer long.

Essie's Bond With Whomever: A true lavender and Easter appropriate tone. This color reminds me a lot of my late grandmother, so it's a favorite.

Essie's Blushing Bride: A gorgeous blush tone perfect for a bride -- or every day, in my book.

Essie's Serial Shopper: A pinky coral that offers a pop of color. If you're a fan of Essie's Tart Deco, you're going to love this shade!

What nail polishes have you been reaching for lately?
-Chelsea xo

March 11, 2015


While the great state of Arizona may not recognize daylight savings time (weird, I know!), I'm still over here enjoying the extra hours of daylight and taking outfit photos in the evening again. The winter months can be rough on us style bloggers (am I right!), so I'm feel crazy thankful for all these extra hours of light. We've also been having these beyond gorgeous sunsets lately, so I've been taking a few moments every evening to sit out on our porch and just breathe them in (totally therapeutic, if you were to ask me!). If you've never seen an Arizona sunset before, I highly suggest getting rump over here ASAP and experiencing one first hand -- you won't find that kind of beauty anywhere else.

Dress: Notrdsrom
Necklace: Madewell
Belt: Levis
Braceletes: Jcrew & Kate Spade
Booties: Sam Edelman

It's Wednesday and I'm super pumped for the day ahead. I may have gotten up extra early today to take in the sunrise, slurp on some iced coffee and pen this post. I'm definitely a morning person, so I feel most energized in the a.m. when the birds are chirping and the smell of coffee can be found lingering through our home. I wasn't always a morning person, but I've found pleasure over the years in getting up early and enjoying some "me time" while Scott and the kitties are still sleeping. Anyways, I hope ya'll have a wonderful day! Oh, and let me know what your morning routine is like in the comments -- I'm hoping to share mine soon!
-Chelsea xo

March 10, 2015


With spring just around the corner, I thought just for fun I would share what I've been wearing on my lips during this transitional period -- or #earlyspring as I like to call it. Now that the weather is warming up I've found myself more drawn to light pinks, mauves and of course my signature color, red. Here are all the deets on the lippies above:

SUGAR by fresh: A lemon scented lip balm that will take your lips from dry and chapped to nourished and smooth like that. I have the original version here, but also love the tinted options as well.

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Melted Peony: After eyeing this lippy for what felt like months now, I finally took the plunge and purchased Melted Peony for my introduction into the Melted line. I love how easy this is to applicate, the formula and how nicely it wears off. I love this shade for more of an every day wear, but will definitely be purchasing a bolder color just for kicks!

NYX Glossy Lipstick in Tea Rose: I picked this up on a whim during a recent Target run. NYX lipsticks never seem to disappoint, and this lovely pinky nude definitely doesn't.

BITE Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Rhubarb: I've been loving on this color all winter and don't have plans to put it away any time soon. I adore these pencils and love this shade for all the pale ladies out there. It's the perfect every day color!

NYX Matte Lipstick in Pure Red: This is my "perfect" red, if you will. I've been wearing this color for years now and love how long lasting it is and the bold color payoff you get. Pure Red gives MAC's Ruby Woo a run for its money!

What lipsticks/lip balms/lip glosses etc., have you been reaching for lately?
-Chelsea xo

March 6, 2015


(clockwise - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

For those of you who haven't hear yet, I'm the Head Den Mother at CAMP Texas Style Council! I've wanted to attend this amazing conference for years now, so I feel completely blessed to be able to have such a large part in the very last one. If you're in need of someone to hang out with, eat lunch at the mess hall with, or even just talk through the weekend -- I'm here for you!

Anyways, if you are attending and have already peeked at the official packing list (if you haven't or are not attending at all!), this post is for you. I've been plotting and planning out what I'm going to be bringing with me to camp for months now, so I wanted to share with ya'll what's coming with me to Texas to give you some inspiration and feeling even more pumped for camp --- 14 days, ladies!

I would love to hear what you're planning on bringing to camp, or even what you might suggest -- this camper newbie is all ears! Have a wonderful weekend, ya'll!

-Chelsea xo

March 5, 2015


Spring is the air -- I can feel it! While the midwest and east coast get hit by another brutal winter (thinking of you, friends!), Phoenix is enjoying lots of sunshine and a few very warm days. Since I know that this perfect weather is fleeting (100+ degree heat is closer than you think), I'm doing my best to soak in every moment while I still can. Today, I drove with the windows down while I sipped iced coffee and let the sun hit my shoulders -- it was a serene moment that I'll be pocketing and holding on to remember when the heat comes and stays for the days, weeks, and months to come.

It's Friday eve and I'm stoked for the weekend! Scott has had a crazy week at grad school, so I'm looking forward to having him home more. I'm also in desperate need of help with my "khaki cool" look for the CAMP Texas Style Council jamboree. I feel totally comfortable packing everything else for camp - jeans, moccs, flannels, t-shirts -- all my favorite things -- but when it comes to "khaki" I'm totally lost. If ya'll have any suggestions on what to wear, I would love to hear -- think Troop Beverly Hills or Moonrise Kingdom! 

Hat: Vince Camuto
Cardigan: Free People
Button-up: Levi's
Jeans: Loft
Flats: Madewell

On a little side note, I'm also so excited to to share my professional website that I just launched -- I've got big plans for this little site in the months to come and can't wait to share more with ya'll! Anyways, have a great Thursday -- I'm out for a coffee date!
-Chelsea xo