August 31, 2015


Today feels like the last, unofficial day of summer! Tomorrow, September is here and I'm ready to indulge in all things fall. Until then, I'll tell you about this little dinner date that Scott and I had at our favorite local taco shop, So Cal Fish Taco Company. If you've ever been to downtown Gilbert on a Friday night, you know how out of control the lines and waits can be to even just get seated for dinner (the worst!). So to beat the lines and crazy waits, Scott and I usually head to So Cal for a delicious, and super quick fish and chips dinner. While they've been open for over a year, So Cal still feels like one of those hidden gems you can't help but love. So if you're ever in the area and just can't handle waiting in those crazy lines, So Cal should be your go-to place!

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Madewell Necklace (similar)
Shabby Apple Gingham Skirt (similar)
Sperry Flats (similar)

This week is going to be a busy one, but I'm so ready and excited for September and our weekend getaway to Northern Arizona. The highs are supposed to be in the 70's, which means sweater weather for this dessert rat! Anyone else feel me? ;)
-Chelsea xo

August 30, 2015


Good afternoon, sweet friends! Blogging on a Sunday, you ask? Why, yes, yes I am -- feels just like the old days, doesn't it? Anyways, I'm back today to share a few photos from the amazing sunrise photoshoot we did back at the end of July with the lovely Tish Carlson. Scott and I had been wanting to take belated anniversary photos for quite some time, so when Tish reached out to see if we wanted to do a shoot with her while she was in town for the weekend, we immediately said YES (needless to say her work is beautiful and we were honored!).

Coincidently enough, Tish was coming into town to attend a local workshop -- the same workshop that my work was sponsoring and that Scott and I would be attending as well. We all met for the first time in the lobby at The Saguaro Hotel, and immediately it was obvious that we were all going to be fast friends. After the workshop wrapped up for day, we spent a few hours hanging out an Instagram AZ meet-up chatting about life, our families, love and so much more.

The next day, on the last Sunday of July, Scott and I woke up at 4am, so sleepy-eyed, but very excited to pick up Tish and make our way to Papago Park and begin our sunrise shoot. Tish made us both feel completely comfortable and at-ease as we walked around the park holding hands and looking into each other eyes. We truly had the best experience with Tish, and truly can't thank her enough for making this morning, and these photos, so amazing and special for us. 

This one is a favorite -- he's been making me smile and laugh for the last nine years, the most amazing years of my whole life. 

All Photos by Tish Carlson of Matt & Tish Photography!

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Sam Edelman Petty Booties

"I am thinking it's a sign, that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images and when we kiss they're perfectly aligned."

-Chelsea xo

August 25, 2015


We're getting to that point in August where all I want to do is wear lots of layers, cozy sweaters and sip on hot coffee. Well, with temperatures still in the 100's every day this sounds like a terrible idea, but I just don't know how much longer I can hold off -- I'm SO ready for fall! In less than two weeks we're headed up north for the holiday weekend and it's going to be so nice and cool -- 80's during the day, 60's in the evening! I honestly can't wait, but until then, I'll just pine over my Autumn wardrobe and crank up the AC a little higher!

While I'm trying to hold off on making any clothing purchases before the weather actually dips down, I couldn't resist this darling dress/top from SheIn -- I love the color combo and how I can pair it with some tights and tall boots for a totally different look. I've also got my eye on an oxblood colored Madewell Transport Tote (my favorite, all-time bag!), and a few darling pieces from Modcloth. Now I'm curious, what's on your fall wish list? 

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Simple Brown Hat (similar + on sale!
Madewell Necklace (similar)

I've got a busy day ahead of me, and other than coffee, my must-have for a busy, yet productive day is some good tunes. I'm in need of some new jams and would love to hear about your favorites -- what are you listening to right now? Is there a song or band you think I would love? Let me know! Ya'll are the best!
-Chelsea xo

August 24, 2015


Another August weekend has come and gone, just as fast as this entire month has seemed to slip away from us. We had a busy weekend, full of celebrations, time with family and friends and even a couple hours spent deep cleaning our home. On Friday, we had a date night at one of our favorite local taco shops -- SoCal Tacos in downtown Gilbert. After we chowed down on their delicious fish and chips, street tacos and clam chowder, we took a walk around downtown to check out the Friday Night Food Trucks and decide if we were too full for dessert (we may have headed home after that and frozen yogurt -- yum, haha!). 

On Saturday we had breakfast at home, complete with three different kinds of homemade pancakes -- original, peanut butter chip and pear! They were SO delicious, and now I'm thinking we need to make this a Saturday morning tradition -- next weekend we're making pumpkin spice pancakes! After we finished up breakfast, we headed to downtown Mesa to take part in the light rail opening festivities (they just extended our light rail through downtown -- a much needed update that I'm hoping will bring a lot more life back into the city). We picked up our Churn ice cream and then took a walk through all the booths they had set up and down Main Street. Later in the afternoon, we had lunch with a few sweet friends, perused the mall for a bit, had an early dinner at Liberty Market and then made our way back to downtown Mesa for their Night Market! Looking back, we had a very long and hot day out in the sun, but we really had so much fun so it was completely worth it! 

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We spent most of Sunday cleaning and running errands -- our usual jam. We had dinner with our favorite Saco/Brumett/Essa bunch, and then headed home to watch House Hunters -- our friend Sarah's sister and her husband were on a new episode and we just had to watch. We may have fallen asleep a little too early, but the heat and sun sure wore us out. Now we're all rested up and ready for another busy day of work, more errands and hopefully a walk around our favorite desert park after the sun goes down! 

I also wanted to give a big shout out to my sweet friend Brittany for giving me the most magical fishtail braid I've ever seen! She's an amazing hair stylist, so if you're local and ever need an amazing cut, color, style or fishtail braid -- Britt's your lady! 

Have a great day, ya'll!

August 19, 2015


Hello! Question -- how is it already the 19th of August? This month is going by SO fast, which on one hand I'm super thankful for (cooler weather, come soon!), but on the other hand, I'm like slow down, summer! The past week has been one of the hottest we've had in years, so other than venturing out to take photos when the sun is almost down, we've been hiding out indoors as much as possible. A few nights ago we did take a walk to this wild sunflower field near our house, which was filled with the most gorgeous light (and way too many bugs -- haha!).

Other than hiding from the heat, we haven't been up to much this week. We've both been pretty busy with work, so its been nice to come home and just veg out for the evening and watch the Real Housewives together (shhh -- don't tell Scott and I told you that!). I'm looking forward to *hopefully* a cooler weekend with good friends, an ice cream social and an evening farmer's market in my cute hometown. Until then, I'll be sitting in front of the fan with a giant diet cherry limeade from Sonic in hand -- my go-to drink (other than iced coffee!) during the summer months!

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Nordstrom Blouse (similiar!)
Sperry Flats (similiar!)

Today I'm looking forward to Donut Wednesday at the office (donuts make every work day that much better!), sipping on lots of yummy coffee and then hopefully doing something fun tonight (movies, anyone? summer is the best time for movie-goin'!). Have a great day, sweet friends!
-Chelsea xo

August 17, 2015


Hello! This weekend was a HOT one -- record breaking, in fact, but that didn't slow us down one bit! On Friday we celebrated our dear friend Nadia's birthday at our fav restaurant, Liberty Market. Nadia has such a kind, loving and caring soul, so it felt extra special to be able to celebrate and shower her with love, family + friend time and a few presents! My 27th year is already off to a great start, and I have a feeling that her's will be extra wonderful as well! On Saturday, we continued the celebrations with the Saco family and hit up the Gilbert Farmer's Market on what must have been the hottest morning of the year -- no joke! We made the best it of it, though, and bought a few yummy goodies from Proof Bread and then had brunch at Postinos. These photos were actually taken last weekend when we had brunch at Liberty, but I didn't think you would mind! ;) 

Sunday is errand day around the Goodson household, so we stopped by Peixoto Coffee for their Brazilian breakfast, and then headed out to Frances in Phoenix to drop off an order of Scott/Citizen Home Decor's state coasters (the last batch went SO fast, so if you're wanting a set, I would suggest heading down to Frances ASAP!). We spent the rest of the day deep cleaning, grocery shopping and having family dinner with the Saco/Essa/Brumett bunch! 

Let me just put this out there -- you can NEVER go wrong with breakfast at Liberty Market! Their veggie scramble is my favorite and their service is top notch! 

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It's Monday and we're back to our weekly routine. We don't have many plans during the week, but we're really excited about the Churn Ice Cream Social this Saturday in downtown Mesa. If you're local, be sure to come down and support! My hometown is working hard to bring some amazing restaurants and livelihood back into the city, which is especially important now that the light rail is set to opened through Mesa any day now. I'm all about supporting in any way I can, and can't wait to see my hometown culture continue to grow, grow, grow! Ok, have a great day, friends!
-Chelsea xo