September 29, 2015


Happy National Coffee Day! Truth be told, I didn't actually remember that today was such a big holiday (well, in my book, that is!) until I looked on Instagram and saw tons of coffee photos filling  up my feed. Well, that and my Facebook memory that popped up from last year's national holiday-- which, on a side note, I'm not much of a Facebook person, but lately I've really been enjoying seeing my memories pop up here and there. Anyways, when Scott and I were on our way home from Wilcox the other weekend we decided to stop in Tucson to grab a quick lunch (eegee's to the rescue!), and also a much needed coffee at a local shop we had heard a lot about -- Exo Roast Co!

Exo Roasting Co had been on our radar for awhile now, but since we don't make it down to Tucson often, we decided to make it a priority and head there after hearing about it online so much. The coffee shop itself is in the raddest old building, complete with the most beautiful stained glass window and a faded out "market" sign from the past. Exo is a no frills kind of shop, though, so their coffee menu is short and houses just the basics, but their in-house roasted coffee is all kind of amazing and they serve a mean iced coffee. Most of you know that I'm a black coffee kind of gal, but every once and awhile I like to spice things up -- like adding a few pumps of pumpkin spice syrup or going full out with something delicious like Peixoto Coffee's Maple Almond Cold Brew (a new addition to their menu, but super simple to their ever-so popular Coconut Cold Brew)! I have a feeling that my hazelnut coffee + creamer coffee loving friend, Tieka, would LOVE Peixoto's sweet drinks. ;) 

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Madewell Necklace (similar)
Old Navy Sweater (similar)

How is tomorrow the last day of September? It's seriously so hard to believe! Today, this past week, this whole month, really, has just been so busy -- all good things, though. I have been finding myself crashing way early every night -- like still in all my clothes and laying on top of the bed, haha -- so maybe it's time to take a step back and relax a little bit more. But really, what's the fun in that? I was raised with such a go, go, go type of personality that I find it so hard (and frankly, kind of boring) to slow down most days. Anyways, I hope ya'll have a wonderful day tomorrow! Talk soon!
-Chelsea xo

September 28, 2015


Hello! It's Monday and I'm currently in need of ALL the coffee, haha. This weekend was such a great one, filled with lots of time spent with friends, trying out all of Peixoto Coffee's new fall drinks (their PSL is SO yummy) and seeing two of my all-time favorite bands -- Brand New and Jimmy Eat World. It really was a very special weekend, but since last week seem to zoom by so fast, I hardly had any time to share our pear and apple picking adventures at the cutest little orchard in Southern Arizona, so today I'm back tracking a bit and talking about how our spur of the moment, Sunday roadtrip made *almost* all my fall dreams come true! 

Right outside of Wilcox, Arizona is Apple Annie's Orchard -- an orchard and farm that I heard about a few years back, but either never had time to make the three hour drive down there or they were already close for the season when our schedules finally opened up. This year, though, we decided to head down there kind of spur of the moment after seeing a friend post about their experience at Apple Annie's on Facebook, and after hearing that this would be their last weekend for apple picking -- a fall tradition that we usually always miss out down here because apples picking tends to start in July locally (crazy, I know!). So early Sunday morning we packed up our car and headed toward Wilcox with dreams of apple cider donuts and apple/pear picking in a breezy orchard. 

Once we finally arrived at the orchard, after a few pit stops and a stop for apple pie (a must!), we spent a little while walking around and checking out their darling market store, the apple cider donut stand and starting to map out our plan of attack on the orchard -- pears first, then apples. Neither of us had actually picked pears before, so we decided to tackle that side of the orchard first before making our way over to the rows and rows of apples ahead of us. This orchard actually only grows asian pears, so we were a little surprised to find pears the size of apples lining the trees in front of us. Have you ever had an asian pear before? They're super yummy and would be delicious in a caramel pear tart or some kind of sweet pastry. We only ended up taking a few of those home, though, so they'll be going in salads and eaten as a late night snack!

Also, how perfect is it that my skirt from Modcloth's new line matches perfectly with those golden yellow pears? I'm a big fan of matching my surroundings, as ya'll know, but I swear I didn't plan this one -- we'll just say that it was meant to be! ;)


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Target Hat (similar!)

I'll be back soon with more photos from our pear and apple picking adventures -- hoping to get them in before October rolls around later this week (SO crazy, where is the time going?). Have a lovely day, ya'll!
-Chelsea xo

September 22, 2015


Hello! I'm back again this evening to share the news that my sweet, incredibly talented friend Moorea Seal just released her very first book -- The 52 Lists Project: A Year of Weekly Journaling Inspiration! This book is all about lists, but really, it's so much more than that. According to Moorea, this book, or journal, is intended to help you discover a seasonal mood chosen to help you through the natural emotional journeys of the year -- one that will help you find your inner strengthen, grow your self-awareness and leave you feeling deeply inspired and full of self-love. Sounds amazing, doesn't it? Well, after diving into my own copy, I can truly tell you that it's just that!

I've been a longtime fan of Moorea's creative endeavors, her thoughtful, and inspiring writing and also her encouraging and supportive heart. She's an amazing lady doing incredible things and I couldn't be more proud of her and all the good she's doing in the world. With that said, Moorea truly deserves all of your love and support!

In celebration of the release of The 52 Lists Project, I'm so excited to announce that one lucky Tea Talk reader is going to win their very own copy! See below on how to enter, and don't forget that you can pick a copy (or two) right here!

Must be a U.S. or Canadian resident!

PS You can enter on Instagram too -- right here!
Good luck, darlings! xo Chelsea


Hey loves! I hope ya'll had a lovely weekend -- it seemed to zoom right by for us, but it was such a good one! On Friday, we kept things simple with a dinner date at our favorite place (Liberty!), and then rested up for a busy and fun Saturday -- brunch, going to the Junk in the Truck Vintage Market, taking photos for my sister-in-law + her homecoming date and then having dinner with an old friend. On Sunday, we got a wild hair and decided to drive almost three hours south to check out an apple orchard -- spoiler alert, it was SO worth it! I'll have a full post on our trip their soon, but our little adventure got me so excited for Autumn, which is now only a day away -- the equinox is almost here!

These photos were taken back when we spent the weekend in Flagstaff earlier in the month. The forest right outside of town is so beautiful -- sunlit, dripping in leaves and seems to go on forever and ever. The area we stayed in, Fort Tuthill, has been a family favorite for years and a place I grew up coming to as a kid. I love these wooded hills so much, and I'm already planning our next trip back here in October to see the changing leaves in full bloom.

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Tomorrow is the Autumn Equinox and I have big plans to sip on a PSL, eat some apple cider donuts and watch Hocus Pocus to kick off the season right. Thursday is looking pretty uneventful at the moment, but on Friday we're going to see one of my all-time favorite bands play live -- Brand New! The last time I saw Brand New was back in 2007! The show is actually at a festival in Tempe where Jimmy Eat World, Thrice, Spoon, Manchester Orchestra are playing too, so it's going to be a fun evening. Here's to hoping it's a nice cool that night and not gross and sweaty (which I'm sure it will be the latter, haha!).

-Chelsea xo

September 16, 2015


Hello, sweet friends! I'm back after a whirlwind trip to LA/North Hollywood. The last time I blogged I was sitting in the airport waiting for my flight, munching on gummy bears and nursing my bummed knee that I may have hurt after falling on my way out of airport security (promise I'm fine, just a little scary!). After hitting the ground in Phoenix, I took the biggest snooze in preparation for the weekend. Most of Saturday and Sunday was spent cleaning up around the house, running errands and seeing The Get Up Kids live. It's crazy to think that they've been going strong for the last 20 years, also even crazier to think how long I've been jamming out to their music --10? 15 years? I can't even remember at this point, but I do know that their music has always been special to me, so it was awesome to finally see them live!

Two weekends ago we spent some time up in Flagstaff at Fort Tuthill with my family. It was the most beautiful (and chilly!) weekend we've had in a long time, so it felt totally acceptable to throw on my new wool skirt from Modcloth's brand new line! Have you guys checked it out yet? I recently picked out two pieces from their namesake line and I am so, so impressed with each piece! Overall, the skirt is such great quality with the silkiest lining, perfect pockets, and is just the right length for the cooler months! I have a feeling I'll be wearing this skirt often -- well, as soon as the weather hits below 100 degrees in Phoenix, that is!

September feels like it's just zooming by -- like really, how are we already half way through the month? It's no lie that I'm really, really excited for October to be here because I LOVE Autumn, Halloween, and all the birthday celebrations that October brings for my family, but I am a little sad to see September just sliding right on by. I have been doing my best, though, to savor every cool morning and hot coffee moment -- we're SO close to autumn friends - I can feel it coming!

Target Fedora (similar!)
Madewell Arrow Necklace (similar!)
Mesa Booties c/o Minnetonka Moccasin (similar!)

I hope ya'll are having a lovely day! I think it's time to make another cup of coffee and jam out to my Fall Vibes playlist on Spotify -- a not so guilty pleasure of mine, lately! What's your favorite "autumn" song? I LOVE Never Meant by American Football and Thirteen by Ben Kweller! 

-Chelsea xo

September 11, 2015


Heyo! I'm currently sitting in the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank getting ready to hop on a flight headed for home! Yesterday, a colleague of mine and I drove to LA/Hollywood for a conference -- which was super fun and such a neat experience -- I got to meet so many bloggers that mainly focus in the entertainment and travel fields. No joke, in the last 24 hours I've  been to a PJ party at the Dave Busters in downtown Hollywood, watched a live filming for the Dancing With The Stars promos (hello, Nick Carter, Paula Dean, Bindi Irnwin and so many more stars), hung out in Universal Studios and drove by the amazing Capitol Records building! I really had a wonderful time, but now I'm excited to get home -- my flight was actually delayed (twice!), so I'll be getting home a little later than expected, but I'm SO pumped to see Scott and our kitties and get a good night sleep in before going to see The Get Up Kids tomorrow -- teenage dreams coming true, folks! ;) 

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Levi's Chambray (similar!)
Madewell Necklace (similar!)
Minnetonka Booties (similar!)

Happy almost fall, lovelies! I hope you all have a lovely weekend! 
-Chelsea xo

September 10, 2015


Hello! Happy Thursday, loves! Sorry for the crickets around here -- its been a whirlwind week and now I'm getting ready head to LA this morning for a blogger conference. The trip, itself, is going to be crazy busy and quick, as I'll be flying back home tomorrow night, but I'm excited for a fun adventure in LA/Hollywood and just hope that I get to make my way to a speciality coffee shop while I'm in town (fingers crossed for Intelligentsia, but tell me your favorites!). 

While I feel like this post is appropriately titled, I was so tempted to name it "breaking the rules," or "white after labour day." I've always disliked that so-called "fashion rule" and think it's just silly -- I love white clothing and tend to wear it all year long. Anyone else agree? I am looking forward to styling this dress up for autumn and winter with a pair of cozy tights, a chunky sweater and boots. It's no secret that autumn is my most favorite time of the year and I'm so excited that it's almost here -- 10 more days, my friends! 

Outfit Details:
Madewell Arrow Necklace (similar!)
Coach Classic Purse (similar + affordable!)

Ok -- time to finish packing, sip on more coffee and get my butt to LA! 
I hope ya'll have a wonderful day!
-Chelsea xo

PS I'm going to miss that cutie up there -- 9 years later and he still gives me butterflies!